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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When it rains it pours

Well you know from my previous post "Well that was fun"that I'm down my main vehicle.  Today my daughter picked me up and drove me to my pain management Dr's office and to the pharmacy to get my scrips refilled and the hardware store to pick up some things I need to help fix up what I can.

On her way home, she swerved to avoid hitting some cows in the road and rolled her Ford Escape several times.  She is currently in Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi getting X-rays and her vehicle is totaled.

So now my family is down 4 vehicles.

If anyone has some inexpensive vehicles that run decent please hit my e-mail

I really need at LEAST 3 decent vehicles.  One for my daughter, one for my Ex-wife and one for myself.

Edited to add: photos of her car at the salvage yard.

According to the report, it rolled over 4 times with my daughter in it.  All because some cows got out and up on the main highway.


Ken O said...


Old NFO said...

I'll look around up here. Glad she survived that!

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Thankee Boss.

Nick said...

That is a nasty looking prang. Please know that you are in my thoughts and that I have said a wee prayer for you and your family. I hope your daughter is all right, that's the main thing.

Joe Texan said...

That's tough to look at; I can't imagine having to live it. My mother, brother, and niece live near Dayton, on the east side of Houston, but they came through it unscathed. A couple of cousins in Baytown had six feet of water in their houses. Kinda makes me glad I moved to Kansas City.

Anyhow, look for something from Surveillance Central in your PayPal account. Not a lot, but I hope it helps.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Thank you. I saw that and sent a thank you note.

Thank you to any and all who donate money to my family, and keeps us in their prayers.