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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

They will Kill You - 8 Facts About Doomsday Preppers

I am one of those "Survivalists" or "Preppers". After Hurricane Harvey, it was the preparations that I had made that allowed my family to stay in place, rather than have the .GOV pay for us to stay in a hotel room over a hundred miles away.

It was my generators, camp stoves, camp ovens, water purification supplies, and stored food and everything else, that meant that my family was fed, had power, water, light, and the means of communication, that other families did not.

We helped our neighbors clean up, we helped them with food, charging their cell phones and getting their cars started, and helping with potable water for drinking and cooking.

There were a few of the neighbors who because of their rudeness and surliness, if another disaster befell us, I would not help a second time. However for the most part, we all chipped in and helped one another.

My family lost a lot of our belongings in the storm, but a lot of my preps made it through and helped us.

There are those, especially in my area, who were and still are demanding the .GOV to do more. My house is still a wreck, but I and my family do have roofs over our heads, and I still have quite a bit in the way of preps. Granted all 4 of my generators are practically worthless now as they ran 22/7 for over 6 weeks. Even with oil changes and allowing them to cool down for an hour with every fill up of their fuel tanks. Their windings in their generators, and the simple wear on piston rings, is enough that they need to be replaced.

After the storm, I and many of my neighbors were ALWAYS armed as we went through our neighborhood as there were many people who came through looking to take things that didn't belong to them. One neighbor had his 3 canoe's taken, another had his RV broken into, the on board generator stolen, his adsorption refrigerator ripped out and severely damaged. So many of us were always armed.

I carried my G23 and my Maverick 88 EVERYWHERE I went. And the Local and State Police didn't say anything about it to us.

So don't look down your noses at people who try to set back preps for their families. You never know, it might be your family that needs help after a disaster.

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