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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lizard Farmer - How They Hunt

"Biometric identification is real – you’re drivers license photo and thumbprint is in a database that routinely gets accessed at the state level and is available to the Feds (Fusion Center anyone). Facial recognition is how the Tsarnaev’s were initially ID’d.  Your communications meta-data is routinely being stored and accessed by the government. Your financial transactions records are stored by your banks and creditors.  All of this info is available through a rubber stamped fill in the blanks warrant."

 Even if you are not doing anything illegal, they are pulling this information to TRY to pin you on something.  Anyone who speaks out is considered a threat, whether or not you have done anything which could be considered illegal or not.  I'm quite sure that I'm on several lists.  With some of the weird things that have happened with my computers, my kids computers, my and my kids cell phones and other things.  If I'm NOT getting some electronic watching, there are an awful lot of coincidences.

How many times has your cell phone battery not lasted as long as you thought it should have?  How many times has your computer acted goofy and done something you didn't tell it to?  Why is your computer running so much slower these days?  And your internet speed is so slow?  Didn't that program update JUST the other day?  Why is it doing it again?  Does it look to you like the monitor settings have been changed?  You look down in the corner where the network icon is for you computer and HEY! why am I sending so much information upstream when I'm not even doing anything?

Do you ever get that little half second echo on your cell phone?  Have you had to pull the battery out of your phone because it's acting up?  Tried logging in to a website but it made you re-enter your password and do a verification of some type when you KNOW you entered it right?  Had your debit or credit card re-issued and when you call the bank they say your old card had been reported stolen, and you didn't make the report? And they have no record of who reported it stolen?

Does any of that familiar to you?


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