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The Replica Prop Forum
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I just had to redo all of the embed codes as YouTube changed their embedding codes so no one was seeing the older videos.  It would have been nice if someone had told me. After all according to my stats page 30-50 people a week were viewing this page, but evidently NOT seeing the videos.  

Here is where all the preparedness video's will be posted.  The newest video's will be posted at the top of the page.  Any video's that are in a series will be posted together.

Please watch these two top video's first, before making or sending me your video.

NOTE: My Personal Video's, which are posted to my other two accounts are monetized.  None of the video's on the greylocke101 account are or will be monetized.  I will not be making money off any one else's work, just mine.

Videos from the Primitive Technology YouTube Page his Blog's URL is:

Tips and Tricks Videos:

My Alt-E videos:

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