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UTD 1A Project

This is the main page for the UTD 1A Project.  All links to the necessary files will be posted here to ensure their availability.

First necessary link it for the CNC Controller software.  This software is written into a derivative of the Ubuntu Linux, so it is the operating system as well as the controller software.

Ok the above software package has successfully booted 2 of my desktops and 2 laptops and 1 netbook here at Casa D'GreyLocke.  I've been sent a few links of which I'm thinking the RepRap 3D Printer might be good.  I need to dig more into it.

Next files we need to get are a CAD program that will run under Ubuntu, the 3D Printer files that run under Ubuntu and the necessary project files to be used.

And I've already had 1 person step up and is going to e-mail me a bunch of his CAD files and plans for building various weapons types and platforms.  If you have stuff you can share hit the GreyLocke e-mail over there on the right.  Please limit attachments to under 20MB and please no executable files.

Cad Program and file will be linked below here:

CNC Files will be linked below here:

Printer Files will be linked below here:

Defense Distributed Printer files Main Site : DEFCAD.ORG

Defense Distributed MEGA PACK of all of their printer files - They update this as often as possbile so go to the page to download the newest torrent file : MEGA Pack 

The Torrent link for their newest Mega pack is : Mega_Pack_V3.3(Beatty)_2/9/13

Please send me any links or file to my greylocke address over on the right under where it says "Send a Missive"  Please keep the files UNDER 20mb as Gmail has a size limit for attachments.

I also need to find someone local to me to test these programs and files as I get them together.  So if you live close to the Corpus Christi Texas area and would like to volunteer your time and hardware since I don't have a CNC or a MakerBot, please hit my e-mail over there ------------------>

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