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Monday, September 15, 2014

This is interesting the So Called Nazi Bell

Let us Welcome our New Big Brother Overlords


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has fully rolled out a new biometric identification system that includes facial recognition technology.

The FBI, working with the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, says the Next Generation Identification System is now fully operational.

The system is designed to expand biometric identification capabilities across the country and eventually replace the FBI's current fingerprint system."

So now any camera connected to the Web could possibly be used to track you anywhere in the US or the World.

 Imagine this.  You get a speeding ticket, you hand it over to your attorney to deal with but the new paralegal/law clerk in his office misplaces it.  Instead of being placed in YOUR file, it is placed in just one of the stack of files on the desk.

You thinking the ticket is taken care of, and go on about your life.  Your lawyer will let you know how much and where to send the check.

You get ready to go out with your family and you being a responsible person carry a concealed handgun.  What you didn't know was your court date was yesterday and no one showed up.

You now have a bench warrant for your arrest, your Concealed Carry license is suspended automatically because of the warrant.  You and your family are walking back to your car after a nice dinner out.

A traffic camera takes your picture and compares it to the database, it notes you have a warrant and a suspended CHL.  It immediately alerts local law enforcement of who you are and that you have a warrant and are KNOWN for carrying a weapon.

Before you even get to your car, 3 police cars have come tearing into the parking lot and officers jump out with guns drawn.

All three officers are screaming conflicting orders to you as you raise your hands and try to figure out just what is going on.

Your spouse and kids are yelling trying to figure out what is going on, one of your kids grabs your leg.

Shots ring out.

You and one of your children are shot.  Possibly killed.  Actually with the current state of practice most law enforcement agencies have, it's not just you but possibly your entire family and other people just in the vicinity.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Check this link;  Police Shoot 2 Bystanders

And this one Erik Scott Shooting

Don't think it cannot happen.  It can.

Chuck Woolery - Obama's Delay on Immigration

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Federal Field and Target 12 Ga - Possible problem.

I was cutting apart a 12 ga shell to explain to one of my sons about how the shotgun shell works.  I was explaining about how the shot cup, power piston and gas wad worked to propel the shot load to the target.

Well, something happened while I was doing that.

 I was using the Federal Field and Target - Multipurpose Load in 12 gauge, which is 3 Dram 1 1/8th ounce of #7.5  shot.

 Here is a case before cutting

 Here is what happened after cutting.  The power piston, the thing sticking up, is supposed to be attached/plastic welded to the shot cup.  As you can see it is not.  I didn't cut the power piston as you can see, the piston just came free from the shotcup.

 I did this to 3 different shells and all three did the same thing. 

From looking at the shot cup you can barely see the indention where the shotcup and the power piston are supposed to be mated together.

Now I don't know if this is a manufacturing defect, a defect due to the age of the shells, which isn't that old I bought this box about a year ago in a 100 round case from Wallyworld.  I've checked my Remington and my Winchester ammo which are basically the same load however they use a completely different type of Wad/Piston/Shotcup arrangement.

I've still got about 260 of these Federal Shells and I've never had any issues with them before.  However looking at this, I'd like to know if this would affect the shells performance or possibly damage my shoguns.

And for the record my intention was to cut around the shell and to strip the casing off to show my son how a shell works. I've done this before to other shells by other manufacturers and not had any problems.

As for use, I know Hickok45 gets most of his ammo from Federal, and if he has any problems with it, I know he would post it.  A few days ago he just uploaded a new video where he was using Federal Ammo in a Short barreled SXS 12 and it looked like he was having no problems with it.

But for me, I'm going to restrict my usage of Federal Ammo to the NEF Single barrel unless maybe someone from Federal can tell me this ammo is ok.

Looking for the negative

Have you ever looked at something and gotten an idea about how to use whatever you are looking at for another purpose totally different from it's original one?

You look at it and think "Hey, I bet I could use it for this."

And you ask around about ways you might actually do that.

And while many people will sit back and think about then offer their advice, there is always a few who look at you like you're crazy.

They say, Why ask for trouble?  Why bother?  Use THIS instead.

You know people who totally IGNORE what you have said and are trying to push their own opinion and point of view into YOUR Project/Idea.

I asked here on the blog a few months back about a way to mount a AA Mini-Mag flashlight to my shotgun.  Immediately I got people saying "NO, use this flashlight, or this Tactical Light with THIS SPECIAL MOUNT!"

I DIDN'T ASK that.  In fact in the post I specifically STATED that I wasn't going to do those thing.

I asked a specific question and wanted specific information to do what "I ALREADY INTENDED TO DO"

And only 2 or 3 people actually offered germane opinions.  Over a dozen offered totally non-related opinions and 2 were actually rather insulting to me.

Why are people like that?

Why would they totally ignore my wishes and try to make me do or see what they want?

Part of it I think is hubris, part of it is pride.  And a large part of it I think is their own need to feel superior.

So they will look at things skewed as to how they can put their own stamp on it and claim some type of ownership, at least to themselves.

These are the people who while they say they are just trying to point out things to "Help" are actually trying to make themselves seem more important.

At least that is how I see it.

Granted there are some people who will point out the negatives, however they will also point out new possibilities that you might not have thought of or realized yourself.

They, I've found, are in the minority of those who you ask to help or offer their opinion unasked.

Here is my question though.  How many good ideas and possible advances have been delayed or totally ignored/not thought of, because of those who ALWAYS look for the negative?

We never can be sure of that.

So look around you today, and if you see something, or someone asks you something, think about what you say very carefully.  Do you want to be the person who stifles and idea?  Do you want to be that person who is always thought of as negative?  Do you want to appear as if you are only interested in inflating your own self worth at the expense of others?

Forgotten Weapons - Madsen M1950 9mm SMG

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bill Whittle - Firewall, Tie Dyed Tyranny

Government threatens hostage families

"The mother of slain American journalist James Foley said she wasn’t necessarily surprised that the U.S. government threatened her family with prosecution should they raise money to pay her son’s ransom, but she was astounded by how such a devastating message was delivered.

“I was surprised there was so little compassion,” Diane Foley told ABC News today of the three separate warnings she said U.S. officials gave the family about the illegality of paying ransom to the terror group ISIS. “It just made me realize that these people talking to us had no idea what it was like to be the family of someone abducted… I’m sure [the U.S. official] didn’t mean it the way he said it, but we were between a rock and a hard place. We were told we could do nothing… meanwhile our son was being beaten and tortured every day.”"

I mean after all, you can't do something which will make Der Leader to look bad and useless.

Winnie the Pooh as Darth Vader