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Friday, August 26, 2016

In the mail - The Last Ditch - Britain's Resistance Plans Against the Nazis

The Last Ditch: Britain's Resistance Plans Against the Nazis by - David Lampe

"Novelists, playwrights, and theorists have often toyed with the question, what would have happened if the Germans had occupied Britain in 1940? Based on years of persistent detective work, Last Ditch investigates the German plans and the countermeasures undertaken through the specially formed British Resistance Organization. The very existence of this Resistance movement remained a secret for more than two decades until the silence was finally broken by Lampe. Few would have escaped oppression. There was to be mass deportation, wholesale appropriations of the country’s agricultural, mineral, and industrial produce, and widespread arrests, as revealed in the notorious Gestapo Arrest List-reprinted here in full. Although they never went into action, the Resistance was ready and waiting: the last ditch of Britain’s defense. So successful was their organization that they became the model for the Resistance and underground movements that were to arise all over occupied Europe. In telling their story, Lampe relates one of the best-kept secrets of WWII and offers insight into what might have been."

I wrote about  the Auxiliary Units before, "Tradecraft in WWII - Resistance", however I have been unable to find any text specifically about them.  Until now.  So as soon as I get my newest reference book, I will be reading it and I might be posting some excerpts.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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TFB TV - Mauser K98k Rifle Field Strip

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