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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The US is full of Duke's

I've been rereading my Heinlein, and I've just started Farnham's Freehold again.

And I'm not even out of the first chapter, when it hits me.

Our nation is full of Duke's.  The over coddled sons of the protagonist of the story.  Who thinks he knows everything just because he is a Law school Graduate.  And he reset when Hugh his father time and time again proves that Duke is wrong.  And not just wrong, but stupid and wrong.

From Wikipedia

"Hugh Farnham, a middle-aged man, holds a bridge club party for his wife Grace (an alcoholic), son Duke (a law graduate), daughter Karen, a college student, and Karen's friend Barbara. During the bridge game, Duke berates him for frightening Grace by preparing for a possible Russian nuclear attack. When the attack actually occurs, the group, along with Joe, the family's African American servant, retreat to the fallout shelter below the house."

All through the book, Duke does everything he can to undermine Hugh in a bid to somehow prove himself "Right".  And he continually gets it wrong.

That is what our Nation has come to.

A bunch of over coddled "Duke's" who wish to wrest control away from the people who DO know what is going on, and are trying to do something about it in SPITE of the "Duke's" interference.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sabo versus the Secret Service

The Secret Service left a little note on his door asking to talk to him about "Identity Theft" and what they really wanted to talk to him about was because they were investigating him for possible threats against the President.

Sabo will tell you straight out, he wishes Obama would die in a plane crash.  HOWEVER he isn't advocating that someone makes that happen.

Like he said.  This is a First Amendment Issue.

Me personally?

I don't want Obama to die in a plane crash, I want him to charged criminally and face a jury.

This is still a nation of laws, and as such he must face the very laws he flaunts and ignores.

The Red Cross failed response during National Disasters

"In 2012, two massive storms pounded the United States, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, hungry or without power for days and weeks.

Americans did what they so often do after disasters. They sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Red Cross, confident their money would ease the suffering left behind by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac. They believed the charity was up to the job.

They were wrong.

The Red Cross botched key elements of its mission after Sandy and Isaac, leaving behind a trail of unmet needs and acrimony, according to an investigation by ProPublica and NPR. The charity’s shortcomings were detailed in confidential reports and internal emails, as well as accounts from current and former disaster relief specialists.

What’s more, Red Cross officials at national headquarters in Washington, D.C. compounded the charity’s inability to provide relief by “diverting assets for public relations purposes,” as one internal report puts it. Distribution of relief supplies, the report said, was “politically driven.”

The failed response of the Red Cross and other organizations is one of the reasons I put together the KTD Drive.   That way people would have SOME WAY of helping themselves.

As the Red Cross is more about Public Relations and Fund Raising instead of you know, actually doing their job of helping people after a disaster.

What do I think the problem is?  Too much reliance on large national organizations, and too little reliance on local organizations to the detriment of said local organizations.

Too many places instead of setting up their own policies instead use the Red Cross as a Hail Mary play to come in after the fact.  And put off accountability for their own policies.

In many local communities there is NO disaster relief plan other than "Call the Red Cross"  or "Call F.E.M.A.".

What happened to the local organizations and groups that would look at what was happening and start putting their own assets into motion?

This over reliance on the National Organizations or the Federal Government is a detriment to us all.

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