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Saturday, April 22, 2017

bosnianbill - (1060) - Review - Navigator (Dino) Pick Kit

Dark5 - 5 Most Out of Place Photos

Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Frog Species In The World

Curious Droid - X-15 The Ultimate Flying Machine

Iraqveteran8888 - How To Shop For a Used Gun

InRangeTV - 3 Gun History, Gear and Trooper Division

Forgotten Weapons - The Beretta PM-12S Submachine Gun

Friday, April 21, 2017

bosnianbill - (1059) - Jillian's "WOOP" Challenge

Top 10 SECRET COUNTRIES You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

TAOFLEDERMAUS - Massive 572 gr. Shotgun Slug vs RUNNING Weed Wacker

Computing Forever - The Enemies of Free Speech & Democracy

TFB TV - How To Build An AR-15 Lower Receiver

RIGHT ANGLE - White Privilege in Education

Forgotten Weapons - Carl Gustav m/42 - A 20mm Recoilless Antitank Rifle

PragerU - How Regulations Hurt Small Businesses

Thoughty2 - This Is The Most Dangerous Job in The World...

bosnianbill - (1058) - A to Z Lock & Safe Challenge

Iraqveteran8888 - Romanian PSL at 600 Yards

Dark5 - 5 Mysterious Sightings of the Disappeared


DEUCE AND GUNS - 22LR In A 22 Magnum

Paul Harrell - Cartridge Names and Designations - Revised

PragerU - Stockholm Syndrome

Big Shooterist - What Is This Screaming-Fast Machine Gun?

Colion Noir - CNLive - Benghazi Hero Kris "Tanto" Paronto - "13 Hours Should Have been Called 30 Minutes"

Paul Harrell - Concealed Carry - .38 special vs. 9mm.

Isaac Arthur - Reusable Rockets & Metallic Hydrogen

Forgotten Weapons - Dragunov Variations - Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86

InRangeTV - Faxon Q&A -#3 - Twist rates, stress, break-in, gas ports & more!

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Criminals Real Men

RIGHT ANGLE - The real Alex Jones?

TAOFLEDERMAUS - Russian .50 Cal Sabot Slug - Like a Tiny Tank Round

TWANGnBANG - Henry Original 45 Colt! 1860 Lever Rifle


Brittany Pettibone - The Battle Of Berkeley 3.0 With Based Stickman

TFB TV - Assassination Guns - Elimination By Extreme Prejudice - (The Welrod & Welwand)

Hickok45 - LC Smith shotgun

American Enterprise Institute - Border adjustment tax explained - IN 60 SECONDS

The Royal Institution - Unconscious Bias in Science

Military Arms Channel - The NFA Nut Kicker!

Forgotten Weapons - Gun Yoga Fail - The Fagnus Revolver

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Secret Service

Iraqveteran8888 - ULTIMATE CMMG 22 LR MELTDOWN!

Top 10 Shocking Modern Journalism Scandals

Thursday, April 20, 2017

bosnianbill - (1057) - Whipped by the Lok Doktor

Computing Forever - #RegressiveNews - Video Games Cause Entertainment

The Untold Truth Of Survivorman

DemolitionRanch - The Overloaded Shotgun...

Brittany Pettibone - Virtue Of The West - Show #15 - Wife With A Purpose

American Enterprise Institute - The difference between big and little 'r' school reform - IN 60 SECONDS

InRangeTV - Manual of Arms - Firing the Civil War Era Cannon

Forgotten Weapons - The Ljutic Space Gun

Paul Joseph Watson - Mike Cernovich Full Interview In Studio

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - Bulls**t Gun Myths Debunked!

scholagladiatoria - Katana vs Sabre - More European accounts of Japanese swords and sword fighting

Jas. Townsend and Son - Scotch Collops And Yellow Peas

bosnianbill - (1056) - Thumbturn Bypass Tool - (WARNING!)

Computing Forever - Artificial Intelligence is….WACIST!

American Enterprise Institute - Crisis in Venezuela - The world's response - IN 60 SECONDS

Computing Forever - Is Civil War Coming? - Berkeley Police Bravely Do Nothing!

Thunderf00t - Solar Roadways generate ~10 CENTS per day!!

Forgotten Weapons - Remington-Rider Magazine Pistol

PragerU - Why Special Needs Students Want School Choice

5 Unsolved Mysteries With Mysterious Phone Calls - Part 2

5 Mysteries Science Can't Explain

Forgotten Weapons - Bern Prototype Carbine - Intermediate Cartridges in the 1920s

Buffalo's Outdoors - Ruger P89 - 9mm Battle Tank

bosnianbill - (1055) -Review - Multipick Elite 17 Pick Kit

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - PROPAGANDA - MIT Publishes "Communism" For Kids

Forgotten Weapons - Lamson & Ball Carbine - Henry Meets Spencer (Sort of)

InRangeTV - WWSD - Installing an AR15 Barrel & Free Float Tube

Let's see how long my internet stays up this time

My internet went out last week right in the middle of me scheduling a post.

AT&T has been out to work on my lines 3 times now.  Lets see if this holds up.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Jas. Townsend and Son - French Trapper Interview - Tony Gerard

Paul Joseph Watson - The Truth About the French Election

Thoughty2 - Why Do We Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

SciShow Space - An Earth-Sized Telescope Just Snapped Two Pictures

TWANGnBANG -Bowers VERS 458! Big Bore Silencer

NRA National Firearms Museum - Curator's Corner - Webley Revolvers

Computing Forever - Facebook Aims to Defeat Le Pen with Censorship Purge

TFB TV - Canik TP9SFx - A Race Gun For The Everyman

Forgotten Weapons - M3 and M3A1 Grease Gun SMGs

Right Angle - Threat of modern War

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Water Vapor Global Warm

Middleways Web Comic is back

Last December Bryan the artist/writer of Middleways died of a sudden heart attack.  His wife, after she was able to get into his computer has taken over the story and the artwork.  I had been skipping it in my daily scan through my web comic list because I didn't know if she would be able to continue.

Well she HAS continued the story, using some of his remaining artwork and she is teaching herself to draw as she goes.

So Please, give Middleways a look.  It is a very unique story and I"m very glad it is being continued.

Aeneas' is still alive CentComm

CentComm wasn't looking forward to THAT bit of information.

To find out the rest, you'll need to read DataChasers.

Paul Harrell - Shot at while Camping - Long Version

Sootch00 - New Wilson Combat EDC X9 1911 Pistol - Review

Iraqveteran8888 - Cannon VS 1 Ton of Water

10 Gruesome Things Make From Human Skin

bosnianbill - (1053) - Whompy's Nightmare

Thursday, April 13, 2017

SciShow - The Coming Robot Swarms

Jas. Townsend and Son - Growing Tobacco In Early America

DEUCE AND GUNS - How To Start a Stubborn Deuce

American Enterprise Institute - Consequences of the Turkish Referendum (Referendum Turkiye) - IN 60 SECONDS

DemolitionRanch - Are Computer Hard Drives Bulletproof?

Computing Forever - Brokering Peace - The Left and Right Must Be Reconciled

Forgotten Weapons - Four Fun Facts about the Oerlikon 20mm Antiaircraft Cannon!

Isaac Arthur - Dead Aliens

TFB TV - Top 5 Most EFFICIENT .380 Pistols - (4K UHD)

Military Arms Channel - Leupold - History of an American Optics Company

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

InRangeTV - What if...the US Army adopted Lever Guns in the 1870s?

Right Angle - Meet the White House "A-Team"

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Immigration Double Standard

PragerU - The Least Diverse Place in America

Hickok45 and Son - The Ultimate Fudd Gun

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

bosnianbill - (1052) - M&C Condor - (Thanks SafeTechnician!)

TFB TV - Commando's Choice - The De Lisle Carbine

Alfonzo Rachel - The Zo Loft - Does Spicer Think Hitler's Nicer?

American Enterprise Institute - Venezuela crisis - A brief history - IN 60 SECONDS

SciShow - 8 Useful Technologies Inspired By Nature

InRangeTV - YouTube demonetization & Patreon - VLOG - Update 1

Jas. Townsend and Son - Do Your Research - Getting Started In Living History - Ep. 4

The Untold Truth Of Area 51

ClassicFirearms - AR-15 Barrels Explained! - Popular Q&A About Barrels

Blunt Force Truth Minute - North Korea

Right Angle - Bannon moved off National Security Council

TAOFLEDERMAUS - DUPLEX Shotgun Round - Double Trouble

The Wound Channel - Pistol Rated Body Armor vs 5.7?!

Paul Joseph Watson - Source: Military Strike on North Korea Coming Soon

Beyond Science - The THIRD EYE You Didn’t Know You Had

bosnianbill - (1051) - Nasty Nick's Alpha Padlock

Vet Ranch - Dr Matt - The Happiest Suffering Dog I've Ever Seen

Thanks for the love and support, but especially the love. :)

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Jas. Townsend and Son - Choose Your Persona - Getting Started In Living History - Ep. 3

Buffalo's Outdoors - Baikal MP 18 Buffalo-ized

SciShow Space - The Sun's Center is 39000 Years Younger Than Its Surface

Alltime Conspiracies - How Dangerous Is Mexico?

Bigshooterist - Discreet Takedown Guns

Computing Forever - #RegressiveNews - 11th of April 2017

Brittany Pettibone - Virtue Of The West -Show - #14 - Jack Posobiec

Hickok45 - Ruger Redhawk .357 Magnum 8-shot

American Enterprise Institute - The solution of little 'r' school reform - IN 60 SECONDS

Military Arms Channel - If you touch a brace to your shoulder are you in trouble?

Forgotten Weapons - Some of Ian's Gun Collection - on a Matrix Armory Display Wall

TFB TV - Remington MSR - The Special Forces MK 21 Sniper Rifle

InRangeTV - What Would Stoner Do? - Rethinking the AR15 in 2017 - Introduction

Forgotten Weapons - Rocket Surgery - Inside the Russian Nikonov AN94

Blunt Force Truth Minute- Farkas

SkinnyMedic - Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Strokes - What you need to know to save a life!

Paul Harrell - Tactics - Part Three - Target Engagement and Reloading - Director's Cut.

C&Rsenal - Small Arms of WWI - Primer - 049 - Greek Mannlicher-Schönauer

StevenCrowder - Louder With Crowder - FAKE NEWS - "Racist AirBNB Host Refuses Asian"!?

Top 5 Assassination Myths

15 Mysterious Places Google Maps Is Hiding From You

SciShow - 3 Diseases That Make You Stink

10 Chilling Experiences During Sleep Paralysis

Jas. Townsend and Son - Early American Dairy


Hey @ATT when are you going to FIX the DSL in my area?

I finally got my DSL back up, and yet it is still slow as molasses in January in Nome Alaska.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Wound Channel - M1 Garand - Grenade Launcher Model

NRA National Firearms Museum - Curator's Corner - Walther PP and Walther PPK

Computing Forever - License to Stream - State Sanctioned Control of The Internet

Iraqveteran8888 - Smith & Wesson E-Series SW1911SC

Forgotten Weapons - Springfield .22 Rimfire 1911 Pistol Conversions

Adelle Ramcharan - YouTube has ruined my life

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Rabid Dogs

PragerU - Single-Payer Health Care - America Already Has It

TFB TV - TFBTV YouTube De-Monetization Update

Curious Droid - Nuclear powered Planes Trains and Automobiles

Dark5 - 5 Rumored U.S. False Flag Operations

5 Haunting Unsolved Hotel Mysteries