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Friday, April 7, 2017

Some people ARE only alive because you can't killl them.

Anne is right, some people are only alive because you can't kill them.  If you REALLY want to see the attention to detail and find out what else is happening, you need to click over to DataChasers.

Look at the attention to detail that "Terri aka CentComm Actual" the digital artiste puts into the strips.  especially in the first panel of the current page.  Look at the tablet in Dr. Smolens hands, look in the background to see Ada, Anne, Noctis , the scanner bed with Acantha and the generic robot standing in the hallway, running up to the Dr's, Smolens, Demark and the OR-tech Mirabe, with Cella and a Centcomm remote doll standing by watching.

Seriously just go LOOK at the amount of detail that goes into each and every update of DataChasers.

Look at the artwork and stay for the compelling story and plot.  Plus join me and the rest of the other commenters in the comment section.  If you want you can leave a guest comment, or you can sign up for a free Comic Fury account, so everyone KNOWS who you are in our little DataChasers readership community.  I'm there but my user name there is Mark_L_A and I use my fighter pilot avatar.

While you are there, if you like what you see and read, please VOTE for DataChasers at Top Web Comics.

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