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Monday, June 26, 2017

PragerU - JFK - Democrat or Republican?

Forgotten Weapons - The Korsac EM1 - a British/Polish Bullpup FG-42

23 Most Intense Biker Gang Fights in Recent History

5 Unsolved Mysteries with Mysterious Phone Calls Part 3

Hickok45 - M&P 2.0 Long Range

SciShow - How Apple Flies Changed the Way We Think of Evolution

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cody'sLab - How Does An Old Blasting Machine/Generator Work?

Larry Corriea's father has died

He hasn't posted it on his blog Monster Hunter Nation, but he posted it on Facebook, and stated that he will be unavailable for a while.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Dark5 - 5 Real Life Human Cyborg Implants

5 Creepy & Most Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries

Iraqveteran8888 - Swiss Condor A350 Motorbike

9 Of The Coolest Car Nicknames Ever

And I REALLY, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y want a Trabant 601, and a Citroen 2CV.

Just got back from dropping my son off

at Summer Music Academy.  313 miles round trip.  My right hip, right knee, lower back, neck and right shoulder are KILLING ME.

I'm going to do a quick run through my e-mails and schedule some stuff for posting.  then I"m taking my meds and GOING TO B-E-D!

Alltime10s - 10 Lies You Still Believe About Space

Forgotten Weapons -Book Review - Deadly Beauties - Rare German Handguns

Sporadic posting for a bit

Sprog #5 is on his way to Summer Music Academy.

So I may not be around much this week.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

SciShow - Why Do Glue Labels Warn Not to Sniff It?

scholagladiatoria - Dagger and Knife Fighting Grips and Context

bosnianbill - (1102) - Review - Mad Bobs ZOMBIE Pick Kit

DemolitionRanch - How Tough is a Hi-Point? - (CHEAPEST PISTOL)

Alltime10s - 10 Puzzles That Cant Be Solved

The Great War - Spain and the Spanish Arms Industry in WW1 - Special - feat. C&Rsenal

InRange TV - June 2017 - Q&A - Part 3 of 3

Forgotten Weapons - Special Presentation - What is Gold Damascene?

Monster Hunter Siege - I HATE Larry Corriea

I just finished Monster Hunter Siege E-ARC. And all I have to say is I HATE Larry Corriea.  He tells us of a great battle against an Extinction Level Event Monster/Creature/Deity, and while we get so invested in the main character, Owen Zastava Pitt, Larry drop kicks you in the gut right at the end.

I WANT to know what happens next.  NOW, Not months from now when he releases the next novel in the series.

I've become like a junkie, jonesing for a fix.  I want, no I NEED the next novel.

Larry has written a very compelling story that drags you in, twists your guts and then kicks you in the head and gut at the end.

I want to read more about Jason Lococo, Auhangamea Pitt, Owen's dad aka "The Destroyer".  I want to know about Owen's and Julie's child.

But Larry, decided to cut us off and leave us hanging.



If you haven't read any of Larry's books, I suggest you start with Monster Hunter International, If you click that you will be taken to it's page where the Kindle version is currently free.

Also check out his OTHER series of books, The Grimnoir Chronicles.  I just recently finished THAT series of 3 novels and I want to drive to Utah to Larry's house and force him to sit down and write more.  Only I don't want the ILOH to get annoyed with me, so I'll just ask him nicely of his Facebook page.

Look at his photo.  Would YOU want that man pissed at you?

And NO, I will NOT link to his Facebook page.  Larry doesn't need hundreds of people trying to add him as a friend on Facebook.  He has OTHER things to do. 

Like painting Miniatures, shooting, building a house on Yard-Moose Mountain, and writing more stuff for me to buy and read.

I WILL however link to the TWO Monster Hunter International pages on Facebook, which Larry DOES frequent and leave messages from time to time.

First: Monster Hunter Nation

And: Monster Hunter International - Hunters Unite!

Those two groups we talk about the novels, guns, what implements of destruction are necessary to kill what type of monster and what the PUFF would be.

So, I suggest you start by downloading Larry's first book and GET TO READING!!!!!

1911 vs P35 Hi Power - Which is the BEST Military Service Pistol

Bigshooterist - 971D Reveal

1911 vs M9 Did the Military Get It Right in 1985?

Thoughty2 - The Way We Catch Criminals is About to Change...

7 Biggest Casino Cheaters In History

Kit Badger - Sparrows Lock Picks Night School

SciShow - French Fries Aren't Really Going To Kill You

Friday, June 23, 2017


Dark5 - 5 Secret Military Bases Hidden Underground

SciShow Space - The Truth About the Sun's 'Twin' and the Dinosaurs

10 Secrets RUSSIA Doesn't Want You To Know

The Wound Channel - Ballistic Gel is NOT Jello

Military History Visualized - Operation Barbarossa & Loot Force One

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - #189 - EVERYONE'S WRONG ON HEALTHCARE! - Mark Levin

Computing Forever - Anita Attacks Sargon at Vidcon

The Modern Rogue - Myths and Secrets of US Currency

The Northrop F-5 - The MiG-28

The Explanations Behind Mysterious Sightings

American Enterprise Institute - War on Poverty - Did we win or lose? - IN 60 SECONDS

Blunt Force Truth Minute - LebronJames

Iraqveteran8888 - Firearms Facts - Why Are Some Magazines Curved?

TFB TV - Remington 870 vs. Mossberg 500 Series

RIGHT ANGLE - Freedom Fighters

Military Arms Channel - Gemtech Integra 5.56 integrally silenced AR15 upper

PragerU - Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

InRangeTV - InRange liberates Varusteleka!

Forgotten Weapons - The Model SS41 - A Czech Bullpup Anti-Tank Rifle for the SS

Bloke on the Range - Swiss Straight-Pulls #5 - 1897 Kadettengewehr

Computing Forever - UK School Kids are Taught How Sexist They Are!

Paul Harrell - .410 Shotgun for Home Defense

15 Serial Killers Have Been Set Free

Top 5 CREEPY Facts About Starbucks

Blood Guts and Social Commentary - Satanic Panic - Part 1 - 1922-1970

Thursday, June 22, 2017

18 Amazing Products Made by Prisoners

Kirsten Joy Weiss - Trick Shots & NRA Interview


Jas. Townsend and Son - 18th Century Bacon - Q&A

Beyond Science - Malta's Cart Ruts - PROOF of an ANCIENT Advanced Civilization?

bosnianbill - (1101) - EVIL Keyways & How to Pick Them

Alltime10s - 10 People Who Survived The Impossible

scholagladiatoria - How to wear a sword (without a belt or on the back)

ReasonTV - Blockstack - A New Internet That Brings Privacy & Property Rights to Cyberspace

Isaac Arthur - Fermi Paradox Great Filters - Space and Time

TFB TV - 8 Reasons Why the Ruger Mini-14 is Better Than the AR15

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Unnamed Sources

Forgotten Weapons - The Ching Sling - A Simpler Shooting Sling Compromise

InRange TV - June 2017 - Q&A - Part 2 of 3

STRANGEST Places in Russia

RIGHT ANGLE - Men Like These

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TAOFLEDERMAUS - Trench Shotgun vs German Grenade - (WW1 myth)

The Angled Deck Carrier 1955 US Navy Training Film - Modern Aircraft Carrier Design


I've been spending most of the day watching videos about the one thing that interests me the absolute MOST.


To start, I found this young lady's YouTube channel and I've been watching a LOT of her videos as the are very informative and interesting.

Vintage Space

Just a few of her video's that I've watched so far.

Plus plenty of OTHER videos about the space program

I"m going back to watching more SPACE videos.

Polenar Tactical Media - Manca's 3gun run

Dark5 -5 Biggest Google Maps Mistakes

Top 10 WORST Military Decisions Of All Time

The Wound Channel - Civilian Body Armor vs AR15 and AK47

The Royal Institution - Surgery From Scalpels to Robots - with Pankaj Chandak

Highjak86 - Complete AR15 Assembly - From Parts to First Shots - (in 12 minutes)

51 Surprising Celebrity Mugshots

Top 10 Scariest Theme Park Rides of All Time

10 Mysterious Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

Iraqveteran8888 - French MAS-49 - Slam Fire Fix

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Chick Fil A

TFB TV - Forward Thinking - Lewis "Assault Phase" Rifle

scholagladiatoria - Lightsabers are NOT a type of sword

Hickok45 - Ruger M77 Guide Gun .338 Win Mag

InRange TV - June 2017 - Patreon Supporter Give-A-Away!

Forgotten Weapons - InterArms G33/50 - Not a Real Carbine

GloomyHouse - Pedophilia on YouTube

RIGHT ANGLE - Trump Meets a Fan

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - #187 - 'PEOPLE ARE NOT BASICALLY GOOD!' -(Dennis Prager Uncut)

bosnianbill - (1100) - Pete's Kaba Picked & Gutted

Beyond Science 2 - 10 Things You Probably NEVER Knew About Money

Sootch00 - S&W Model 4006 TSW CHP Pistol - Review

SciShow - How Do Those Rock Sculptures Stay Up?

Hickok45 - Farewell to the Gong

SciShow Space - What Studying Earth Can Tell Us About Life on Mars


Alltime Conspiracies - Did Obama Give Nukes To Iran?

Alltime10s - 10 Things NASA Doesn't Want You To Know

Military History Visualized - Barbarossa - Why such high Soviet Losses? - Explained

Top 10 MYTHS About GUNS

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Great War - Greek Rifles and Pistols of World War 1 - Special feat. C&Rsenal

Brittany Pettibone - Virtue Of The West - Show - #21 - James Allsup

ReasonTV - College Students 'Think Freedom is Not a Big Deal'

10 Craziest Kool-Aid Related Crimes

Polenar Tactical Media - 3gun with M76

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Black Safe Spaces

TFB TV - Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun

Computing Forever - #RegressiveNews - 20th of June 2017

scholagladiatoria - Weaker sword fighters and weapon choice

InRange TV - June 2017 Q&A - Part 1 of 3

Forgotten Weapons - Swedish Mauser Carbines - m/94 and m/94-14

C&Rsenal - Small Arms of WWI - Primer - 053 - Italian Glisenti 1910

NFA Review - Radian Weapons - Model One Rifle

Steven Crowder - Louder With Crowder - REBUTTAL - 5 John Oliver Coal Fallacies

emmymadeinjapan - FIRST STRIKE RATION Menu 6 - FSR Military Ration Taste Test


Paul Joseph Watson - Finsbury Mosque Terror - What They're NOT Telling You

Another 7 Badass Weapons From History

SciShow - The Man Who Tried to Give Himself An Ulcer ... For Science

Jas. Townsend and Son - Fried Catfish With Turnip Greens

26 Serial Killers Who Had Surprisingly Normal Jobs

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lucky Gunner Ammo - Not Just A 1911 - The Wilson Combat EDC X9

DemolitionRanch - This Round is Wayyyy Different

Beyond Science - The Incredible Alien UFO FLEET Sighting of May 16 1808 in Sweden

Iraqveteran8888 - Home Defense & Hunting - Can One Round Do Both?

Weird Things That Have Popped Up In Deserts Around The World

American Enterprise Institute - Education reform - Is technology the solution? - IN 60 SECONDS

Top 10 Reasons We Will COLONIZE MARS

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Comey Lead Balloon

Brittany Pettibone - How To Enslave A Society

The Wound Channel - Incredible Ballistic Gel Test!! - **Hornady 300 Win Mag & 30-30**

Top 10 WORST Sports Injuries Caught on Camera

Real Engineering - Why The US Military Made GPS Free-To-Use

TFB TV - Speer .45 Auto 230 gr Gold Dot gel test and review

Military Arms Channel - The First CZ Striker Fired Pistol - CZ 100 vs. CZ P10C

InRange TV - We keep falling into this trap!

PragerU - When Transparency Really Means Tyranny

Forgotten Weapons - Winchester Lever Action Development - Model 1895

Computing Forever - Louder with Crowder & Dave Cullen

Hybrid Librarian - #1 - USA's 7 Most Mysterious Places

TAOFLEDERMAUS - Spot-Welder Shotgun Slugs - Electrifying Results!

scholagladiatoria - The Kukri knife notch - purpose identified?

SciShow - How "Flying Death" Has Saved Hundreds of Lives

Sunday, June 18, 2017


5 Examples of The Mandela Effect

Alltime10s - 10 Empires That Came Close To World Domination

5 Creepy Unsolved Cabin in the Woods Mysteries

18 Craziest Unusual Murder Weapons Ever Used

Hickok45 - LWRC SIX8-A5

Forgotten Weapons - The Steyr Scout - Jeff Cooper's Modern Day Frontier Rifle


Primitive Technology - Reusable charcoal mound

Dark5 - 5 Mysterious Plans for Ancient Spaceships

SciShow - Can You Be Allergic To Sunlight?

5 Shocking Unsolved Mysteries That Still Remain Unexplained

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hank Strange - SLT-1 Trigger KE Arms In The Wild

Bigshooterist - Ultimate Truck Pistol Project

Today I Found Out - The One Man Riot Squad

35 Famous People In The FBI Witness Protection Program

Alltime10s - 10 Countries That Won’t Exist In 100 Years

Alltime Conspiracies - Did the Dalai Lama Work For The CIA?

Forgotten Weapons - Winchester Lever Action Development - Model 1894

InRangeTV - WWSD - VLOG Status Update 1 - Yesterday's DMR is today's Rifleman

Iraqveteran8888 - Fancy Revolver Shooting

Fu-Go Fire Balloons: "Japanese Paper Balloon" 1945 US Navy Training Film, World War II

Firearms Disassembly and Assembly - Facebook group

I just found this and I thought my readers might like it.

Firearms Disassembly and Assembly