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Saturday, October 20, 2012

11th hour voting

While reading a comment to a post about moonbats acting moonbattish when Obummer loses the election, I remembered something.  The comment particularly mentioned the idea of democrats stealing elections.  And it reminded me of actually seeing that when I lived in Missouri. Jim over at Gateway Pundit can probably back me up on this, but on every election of a hotly contested statewide or federal issue, St. Louis City and Kansas City were ALWAYS the last to tun in their vote totals.  It seemed like they had to wait to find out the way the rest of the state had voted before they turned in their totals for some reason.  And I noticed the same thing about Cook County :ie Chicago, in Illinois always being the last to report it's totals as well.  In particularly I remember during the first vote for Concealed Carry in Missouri, St. Louis City and Kansas City didn't even START to report their totals until several hours after the polls had closed.  Whereas St. Louis County with a larger population of registered voters posted it's totals in time for the 10:00 O'clock news.  And both St. Louis City and Kansas City always had almost 100% voter turn out, every time., but they wouldn't report vote totals until after midnight. 

So watch out for these same shenanigans in your neck of the woods.  If a particular area is always late turning in their totals on election night, the fix might be in.

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