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Monday, September 16, 2013

Iver Johnson Pocket Safety Hammerless Revolver

Back at my ex father in laws gun shop we had over a dozen Iver Johnson and Harrington and Richardson topbreak revolvers in various states of fireability.  Some were nothing but the barrel and frame, with the lockwork gone etc.  Some were fully able of being fired except for some issues with the timing.

If you can get one of those old revolvers in decent condition you can actually use them as a decent plinker loading them up with black powder and lead balls/shot.  On one old revolver we had I actually cut down some modern .32 H&R shells and then reloaded with a bit of Pyrodex and 00 buck shot for the bullet.  Out to 15 feet I was regularly hitting cans as small as deviled ham cans.  And it was only costing me about .02 cents a round.

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