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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bull Chicks - 1-4-2017

I took Sprog #2 and Sprog #4 to Corpus today to get clothes for Sprog #2.  She starts Student Teaching next week and needs professional clothing.  We stopped at Cato's for her clothes and afterwards, after the ladies at Cato's recommended them, we walked down two doors to Bull Chicks, for lunch.

I got a delicious chef salad and General Tso boneless chicken wings with waffle fries, Sprog #2 got a sandwich which I can't remember what it was, also with waffle fries, and Sprog #4 got a chicken teriyaki  wrap with waffle fries.  All of the food was very good, and made up very fast.

These two were taking care of us, and I forgot to get their names, however I got top of the line service, extremely good food and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

The restaurant was clean and organized, the employees were super friendly and helpful.

So if you are in Corpus and want to get some good food for a good price with good service, I recommend Bull Chicks on SPID in front of the Walmart next to the old DOT office.

Let 'em know you heard about it from me, so they know I told you about them.

And no, I'm not getting anything in return for posting this.  Although I really liked the salad and their wings (hint hint ;) )

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