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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to make an FM Transmitter

In today's video, we learn the basics of FM Radio transmission and how to make a FM radio Transmitter. The most proactively use I can think of for this is just as a device to play music from your phone on your car's radio, although the principal could be scaled up, it is likely illegal without a radio license to broadcast to a large area. So yeah! Thanks guys! :)

Mail address:
PO box 1172
Orem, UT

List of Materials:
0. Transistor (Q1)- S9018.
1. R1- 2.2K
2. R2- 22K
3. R3- 2.2K
4. R4- 33 Ohm
5. R5- 33 Ohm
6. C1- 0.1uF(Code- 104)
7. C2- 0.1uF (Code- 104)
8. C3- 680pF(Code- 681)
9. C4- 30pF-120pF variable Capacitor
10. C5- 10pF(Code- 10)
11. C6- 30pF(Code- 30)
12. C7- 30pF(Code- 30)
13. C8- 0.1uF(Code- 104)
14. Inductor(L)- 0.1uH (5.5Turns coil).
15. Antenna- A short wire, 20cm long.
16. PCB
17. 9V battery terminal
18. AUX port/ jack

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