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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Storm Warning - Hurricane Harvey In Bound

Well there won't be much posting from me for the next few days.  TS/Hurricane Harvey is bearing down directly on my Area of Operations/AO.

 Plus I just got off the phone with the hospital, my friend and neighbor John is in the ICU.  He found out two months ago he had cancer, the big C, and went in last week for a biopsy.  The cancer has spread throughout most of his body and his kidneys started shutting down.

So after getting off the phone with the Nurse, I called his brother in California and left a message.  Then the Dr called me and I gave her the phone number as well.

John listed me as his emergency contact and he and I had discussed his giving me a Power of Attorney, but he evidently never got around to it.

I'm asking that you keep him in your prayers.

He served in the US Coast Guard before Vietnam, he was a helicopter crewchief and he spent over a year on an ice breaker. 

I'm praying he makes it just a few more months.  He always liked how my kids and I prepared him his own plate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'd like to prepare him at least one more.

Please keep him in your prayers.

His is in the North Bay Hospital In Aransas Pass, Texas.  His name for your prayers is John Stotesbury

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