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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Storm damage

It took using the desktop version of YouTube and Blogger to post the embed code for the video. This is a lot of work.

I am trying to post a video I shot on my phone after a severe storm came through and a gust of wind broke one of my tents poles.
When the pile broke the roof of the tent came down and my light smashed me in the head.   Then all the rain started leaking through the screen area of the roof.   I had about 15-20 gallons of water get in the tent.
I had almost 4 inches of water in the tent by the time I was able to get the roof pushed back up.
My laptops power supply was under water though and my laptop is now D. O. A.  Which sucks because I had about 6 chapters of a story I was writing on it.   I hope I may be able to recover my data.
So for now I am limited to my cell phone until I can get a new laptop.
If you have some spare cash and would like to help you can send me money through PayPal at PayPal. Me/greylocke
I could really use the help.   I have $490.00 going to a surveyor on Friday and I only get $1285.00 a month on my RSDI.  Without the hub survey certificate, I can't get my electricity turned back on. Once I have electricity at the property however I can finally move full time into my camping trailer and start to rebuild my house.
So if you can help out it would be a great help. 

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