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Friday, April 27, 2018

YouTube Censorship - Demonetization - Ratings

There is a hidden content rating system attached to every channel and every video uploaded. Many videos from well known content creators like Pewdiepie, h3h3, idubbbz, Leafy, I Hate Everything, and Internet Comment Etiquette have been rated M. In addition, videos pertaining to gay rights issues and the MeToo movement have been impacted.

Reports by Sealow and Karlaplan Group:
1) "Demonetization analysis / research"
VIDEO: Extensive evidence of algorithm censorship of demonetized videos -
2) VIDEO: "Our Response To Youtube & Youtube's Rating System" -
3) "Youtube Rating System Analysis"
VIDEO: "Youtube is censoring (mental health) videos, Metoo and LGBTQ" -

Source Material Mentioned:
NerdCity: "Youtube's Secret Codes REVELAED" -
Creator Insider: "YouTube Algorithm Questions Explained by YouTube Employees (Part 3)"-

Sensitive Content Evaluation:

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