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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Update to Specialization

When everything goes wrong and you know you are about to die, you pray. You pray to God like you learned in Sunday school.

When no answer comes, you start praying to anyone that will listen. And sometimes they do. Sometimes it isn't a Jehovah or Yahweh that hears you. Sometimes the Old Gods do. Sometimes the Old Gods answer.

People always get it wrong. The Old Gods in the myths we read in school are always made out to be slightly silly, a little goofy. But they were actually sources of sheer terror. Poseidon brought raging storms and crashing waves. Ares was a bloodthirsty killer who reveled in death, battle, and the stench of blood. Frightening, monstrous beings with immense power, unspeakable rages and towering jealousies.

The most terrifying of all the Gods was Zeus. Striking from the top of Mount Olympus, hurling bolt after bolt of deadly lightning, against which there was no defense, no chance of survival.

- Todd172


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