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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kathleen at Hillbuzz has an interesting Idea

And a very valid point about the media's roll in trying to destroy GOP Frontrunners Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. And I perfectly agree with her on what is blatant hypocrisy by the MSM and their selective reporting.

"The Democrat-Controlled-Media’s bias against GOP candidates who can beat Barack Hussein Obama is getting more apparent every day.

The most blatant recent example was the CBS/National Journal debate in South Carolina, where GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul was allowed to speak for only 89 seconds during the televised hour of the debate, receiving just one question. And Michelle Bachmann’s campaign was inadvertently copied on an email from CBS “News” prior to the debate, in which CBS “News” Political Director John Dickerson admitted that Michelle Bachmann “is not going to get many questions” in the debate (though she did get far more time than GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul)."


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