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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day is very special to me

This is the reason why. This is my youngest daughter Megan. Is the picture below it was her 8th birthday. Let me show you how my little angel has grown.

This picture was taken over spring break earlier this year.

This picture was taken over the summer on a trip to St. Louis Missouri. We were at the St. Louis Zoo.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago at the final Cross Country race for her school.

And this one I just took a few minutes before starting this post.

My little Angel is becoming a very beautiful young lady. This is one of the reasons Veterans Day is important to me. The honoring of our servicemen and women, the honoring of all who have served. And because God gave me a beautiful daughter.

I need to buy more guns now. And a bunch of boys had better stay away. :)


KurtP said...

She needs to know how to use those guns.

...And why is she pulling the cats tail?
It's something I'd do to show affection.

Mark said...

Oh she knows how to shoot, she loves my .22 Single Action revolver and my .22 pump, the C91 she doesn't like too much as the recoil is a bit more than she is used to.