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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Police gathering information on you without Probable Cause or a Warrant

A police car with a device that photographs license plates moves through the city and scans the traffic on the streets, relaying the data it collects to a computer for sifting. Police say the surveillance helps identify stolen cars and drivers with outstanding arrest warrants."

Many other larger departments are doing this as well.  Just tootling along taking pictures of all of the license plates of every vehicle it passes.  I'm sorry I find that troubling.  I find that is the police violating my and your rights, by gathering information when then has been no crime committed.  They take this information and send it to be processed, , looking for unpaid tickets, fines, expired tags.  And they have a database of where you have been.  Where your car was on such and such a date at such and such a time.


Why do they need to know where I am, where I've been?  I find it insulting that such technology is being used in this fashion to violate my 5th Amendment Rights, my Right to Privacy, and my Right to face my accuser.  If I park my car in my driveway and it's tags are expired because I either can't afford it at the moment or it is in need of repair, and suddenly I get a ticket for expired tags, how is that legal?  The car was not on the street, not being operated and yet I was ticketed for it.

Do you see what I saying?

Yes this technology has a place in law enforcement.  But not to be used as a fishing expedition by the police, looking to supplement their departments income.

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