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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So I had a rather messed up week so far

I woke up the other day with my entire body screaming, and not even 8 minutes later it started to rain.  After taking my meds everything but my hip eased back to tolerable levels.  But my hip,  Uh uh, it SCREAMED at me for over 40 hours.

Last night, I took my pain pill, a muscle relaxer and a sleeping pill, and I only slept for about 2 and a half hours.  Then I was wide awake and my this time it was my back and neck screaming at me.

I had to take the boys over to my mothers house today to work on her computer while the boys ripped up and cut down everything in her front flower beds.

Let me just say I Love my mom very much, but after spending over 45 minutes on the phone with Microsoft, I was about to scream.

I'm not saying I had a bad experience with the Microsoft technician, if anything she was very helpful and polite and well versed and knowledgeable of her job.  I just hate talking on the phone with ANYONE for more than just a few minutes.  We got my mom's computer issue squared away and I could start getting all the security software configured.

That is when I slammed into another obstacle.

SEVERE PAIN, from sitting so long in an office chair.

Now at my house, I have my computer on a small desk on wheels next to my bed so I can change my position frequently, not so at my mom's., where I was stuck in her office chair for over an hour, and my spine, hip and knee started to throb very bad.  And my pain meds were 4 blocks over in my house.

So I'm home now, after 3 hours and my meds are Juuuuuuussssssttttt starting work.

Thank the Creator for spell check because I REALLY need it right now.

I've got some vid's in my inbox I might or might not schedule, or I just might go to bed.

I haven't decided yet.

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