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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Challenge for the Mythbusters

With emergency preparedness becoming more and more common in these trying times and Les Stroud coming back with more episodes of Survivorman, I thought up a challenge for Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tori and Grant on Mythbusters.

I'll tell you now, Jamie would probably win the challenge.  If you don't know why, read up about him.

The challenge:  Each Mythbuster is challenged to put together their own emergency Bug Out or Get Back Home Bag.  Their limitations are the bag can weigh no more than 25 lbs, contain no prohibited or illegal items and must be contained in 1 duffel bag or backpack.

After they make their bags, they would put them to the test.  Going out for 5 days, where they must each use the bag and it's contents to get back to civilization.

To make it fair, I think Les Stroud could show up and give them pointers on things they might want to carry and things they should definitely carry.

I thought about this after rewatching Jamie and Adam's Island Duct tape special again.  There were a few things which just bugged me about it as to why wouldn't they have a few items to help themselves.  An example, was why didn't they use the lenses from glasses they both normally wear to start a fire.  I know on that episode they both didn't have their glasses on but there are other items they can use. 

I keep in my wallet, a small fresnel lens because my detail close up vision requires it at times, if you have sun and a fresnel lens, you have fire.  Also in my wallet there are several debit/plastic cards which can cut if handled properly.  I should know I cut my hand on my health insurance card trying to get my library card out the other day, .  Are they saying that they couldn't have had something like that one themselves?  It might have made it easier to cut all that tape instead of ripping it and tearing up their fingers.  In my pocket whenever I leave the house, I have a Swiss Army Knife and a liner lock, lockblade knife.  One in the left pocket the other on it's pocket clip in the right pocket.  I also have my keychain, which has one of my KTD Drives, a handcuff key, a P-38 Can Opener, one of my old dogtags from when I was in the army, keys (of course), a small LED photon light and a clip to clip the whole ring to a belt loop or other item.  And I have several wire key rings.  Each set of keys has it's own ring.  The truck key has one, the suburban keys have one, the house key has one, etc.  It makes it much easier to remove a key from the main ring that way.  Then in my wallet I have the aforementioned plastic cards, my cross, several 1 dollar coins, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 3 nickles and 4 pennies.  My money clip uses a strong magnet and a steel plate sewn into the wallet to hold my cash.  Add in my aluminum cigar/cigarette case and my zippo lighter to round out everything I don't ever leave the house without.

What say you?

Would you like to see an episode of Mythbusters like that?

With the limitation of nothing illegal/prohibited and under 25 lbs.  What would you put in your bag?

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