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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A couple of pictures

Since a lot of readers donated money to help my family and I, I decided to post a few pictures so you can see just what the money that you have given to us has bought.

You can see my son Mitchell using the DR Trimmer/Mower I bought from Tractor Supply and you can see the bedrails of the 1996 Chevy K1500 I also bought.  That big RV/Camper is one that had been rolled over and a neighbor gave it to my other neighbor Bill.  Bill rents a pad from my mom so it's on my property until he can get it rebuilt.

This is the RV/Trailer I bought with funds donated.  The truck and the trailer together was $5,237.00   I used money that was donated plus money from FEMA to get both of them.  That total cost includes the cost of the gas to go get them, and the cost of getting the truck registered.  The table was found up in a tree, literally in a tree.  The chairs were given to me by a reader who actually drove several hundred miles to bring them to us, in addition to two ladders, an electric chainsaw which has gotten much use, and a small wheel barrow.

I've got the trailer running off a generator right now and I was charging up the chassis batteries.  My charger/starter was recovered from my house and while it no longer can start a vehicle it can still charge at the 2 amp rate.  I don't have the $119 to replace it right now.  Well I do, but I have other more important things I need to get.

A better shot of the trailer.  I still need an electrician to get my power pole and supply panel repaired.  I already purchased a supply panel specifically for this trailer, but again, I need an electrician to install it.  Every electrician I have called wants $600-$1000 when "I" am supplying all the materials.  It's only about a 2-3 hour job since  the boys and I are doing the majority of the work and they still want 600-1000 bucks! Then add in they told me it would be 2-3 weeks before they could get to my panel.

So I asked my mom to print out these two books.  The boys and I will three hole punch them and put them in binders and we will try to wire up what we can ourselves.  Then hopefully I can get an inspector to sign off on it.  Otherwise I need to find even more money.

I'm sorry to ask again, but if you can help you can either send us funds either through PayPal at:

Or you can donate at the Go Fund Me page my daughter set up: Fundraiser for Mark Anderson by Mary Louise Anderson : Help for Anderson Family

I'm not trying to scam anyone, unlike some people out there, I'm just trying to clean up my property and rebuild my home. I will be posting more pictures and my boys were given a small Vivitar Camera Drone, so I will try to post up some of the video they say they will take for me this weekend.

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