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Monday, May 20, 2013

And preppers are vilified

The only catch is that this time, the features are all buried underground.

The boom in bomb shelter sales over the past 15 years has taken the spartan 1950s notion of a fallout shelter and given it a makeover, according the owners of three companies that make and sell shelters.

Now, custom installations can create 100,000 square foot underground dwellings that could hold dozens of people for months or years."

 Look at the news right now.  What is going on in Oklahoma?

WEATHER:Tornado warnings, watches for central Okla.

VIDEO: Tornado wipes out homes, schools, businesses in Moore

UPDATE: Two victims confirmed dead in tornado outbreak

A shelter is for more than a societal breakdown.  It's for tornadoes, bad storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other disasters. 

But many media figures would have you believe that people who have a shelter are whacko survivalists or cult members.

Granted there are some people like that who are into preparedness, however the large majority is just people who are trying to protect and provide for their families.

In Oklahoma (Tornado Alley) you will see storm shelters in the yards of many homes.  Also in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and northern Texas.

So these people are just being prudent, not some crazy survivalist.


Jennifer said...

That's just smart planning around here. We learn how to build a bug out bag in elementary school.

Christopher Tyler said...

While we might jokingly call it the 'fraidy hole, here in eastern Oklahoma it's a given when that siren blows you want to be in the cellar. I have a separate bag just for storms and my cellar is open to anyone comes as long as there's room to fit people in. That's the way it is here and that's the way it has always been.