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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bar Bouncers attack customers and when the cops show up they arrest the customers.

I found this from Miguel's blog, but I've interviewed Carlos who is trying to get this as wide a publicity as possible.

I'll give you the link to Carlos' pos about the incident:

Florida Bar Bouncers Caught on Video Attacking Customers; Police Show Up and Arrest Customers 

I watched the video over a dozen times, pausing and playing multiple times.

Mr. Coelho has his arms around a blond woman, his friend Mr.Parker appears to be moving a chair behind him.  when the large bouncer a Mr. Jovan Tut Dean comes up behind him and places him in a stranglehold and takes him to the ground.  Mr. Coelho still had at least one of his arms around the blond lady when he was struck in the face by Mr. Kris Thomas, knocking him backwards away from the blond woman.  He stumbles backwards and trips, falling down, with the blong woman landing on his legs,whereupon Mr. Kris Thomas proceeds to punch him one more time then change from punching Mr. Coelho to kicking him.  While this is happening Mr. Parker is thrown to the ground by Mr. Jovan Tut Dean.  Mr. Parker gets up and moves away while Mr. Jovan Tut Dean starts yelling, "Have a good day, go home."  Mr. Coelho gets up and runs away out of frame.  Mr. Parker as he tries to get away is also struck by another person who has yet to be identified.

Granted the video is short, but from what I saw of the video it appear that Mr. Coelho and Mr. Parker were attacked by the bouncers, employees of the club Dirty Blondes.  Mr. Coelho and Mr. Parker during the time the video was filmed were both in relaxed attitudes and did not appear to be offering any type of threat to the bouncers or anyone else.

And to add insult to injury, Mr. Coelho and Mr. Parker were arrested by the police when they returned to scene, supposedly for assaulting an officer and disorderly conduct.  There is a second video showing Mr. Coelho and Mr. Parker's interaction with the police officers.  I certainly do not see anything that suggests to me of an assault against a police officer.  Which tells me that Mr. Coelho and Mr. Parker, being upset might have been guilty of "Contempt of Cop" hence their arrests.

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