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Thursday, August 15, 2013

HI !!! Mister or Ms. FBI...

Granted there is no guarantee this visitor is from a government agency, but when you think Quantico who is the first you think of?  FBI or USMC in my case.  And I don't think the USMC would be interested my Turn to the Dark Side.  Nor would they spend almost 14 minutes looking at my blog.  Anyone from the USMC would more than likely click on my Gun Pron posts on the sidebar.  So Mr or Ms Federal Agent if you are reading my little blog I'd appreciate it if you would leave a comment.  I'm not being snarky or anything or trying one of those armchair lawyer bits.  I'm seriously interested in your opinion of what I write.  I know a couple of the last Federal agents I talked to (U.S. Marshal's Service if you must ask) said they agreed with a lot of the things I write, from their own perspective, however they thought I gave more credence to what they called "Rumors and Innuendos".

So if you would like to leave a comment help yourself.  I don't recommend doing it from your work computers obviously, or your Bureau or Agency issued smart phones, but I honestly would like to hear your opinion of what I write about.

SO there is a little button at the bottom of this post about leaving a comment, click on it if you would please.

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