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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pat Benatar and Neil (Syder) Giraldo in Corpus Christi Texas 4-16-2013

UPDATE: I didn't notice when I wrote this I worte Ms. Benatar's name in the title as "Benatart"  That was a mistake I have corrected.  Ms. Benatar if you read this I apologize for not catching it.

My friend and neighbor John loves listening to Classic Rock, and he loves trying to win the various contests for tickets to local concerts.
Well he won 2 tickets to Pat Benatar.
2 NICE tickets as in row A seats 1 and 2, just off the Orchestra section about 15 feet from the stage right in the center.
Which means I got to go, as John doesn't drive.
The opening Act, a young Lady by the name of Brynn Marie, was very good, her accompanist on an acoustic guitar was also very good.  I do have one small complaint about her.  Please pick one genre or another.  Your mix of genre's was a little confusing to me.  You sound good in the rock, country and pop genre's but please stick to one.
After a brief intermission while Neil's Guitar Tech and the rest of the crew did some final adjustments, Pat And Neil came out and proceeded to rock the house.
Neil came out showing his punk punk roots styling like an older 50's greaser.  I don't know how many of the audience understood his style, but John and I both thought it was great.
Then Pat, sweet Patricia, picked up the Mic, and that voice, the voice that kicked the idea that no woman can rock in to it's grave, let loose.
MY WORD!  That woman, despite being 60 years old can STILL rock the house and show any young thing what it means to have a voice of power.  Pat may not be hitting the really high notes like she used to, but with her maturity and her tour schedule, she may just be saving her voice, but she STILL hammered the songs and made me sit up and listen to her.  Just like she did to the rest of America back in the 70's.
Pat and Neil ran a small more intimate band, for what Pat called a warm up tour to the big summer tour.  All I know is she rocked that auditorium with her voice and energy, backed up by Neil whose own energy radiated off of him and combined with Pat's.  The two of them are a powerhouse of energy and music, that should be tapped by the power industry.  Last nights show had enough energy it probably could have powered the entire city of Corpus Christi for a week or two.
Now since Axl Rose and the riot in St. Louis many many years ago which I actually worked security at out in the parking lot, cameras are not allowed in the concert venues.  And while there were many signs posted saying this, many people brought cameras and were taking pictures.  Venue Security were only stopping people who were blocking the aisles and were obviously recording the concert instead of taking photos.  And Neil and Pat both would pause on stage looking directly at the fan with a camera as if to say go ahead and take my picture, I don't mind.  And many people did take pics.  Myself included.  Even if it was with my cell phone.  I wish I had brought the good camera.
So below are the pics I took, Of Brynn Marie and of Pat and Neil.
Brynn Marie and her Guitarist Josh
Neil Rocking that greaser look and SHREDDING his guitar
Pat getting the whole house with the exception of old disabled farts like me on their feet.
Neil and Pat
Pat, I LOVE her voice
Neil and Pat talking about their lives and their Marriage Anniversary
Neil Shredding it again
Pat during the Encore.  It ended too soon.  I wish she and Neil could have played for hours.
They are old friends, good friends, their music has helped to shape modern music and inspired millions.
Thank you Pat and Neil for your love for each other and your talents which you have shared with us through the years.

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