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Thursday, May 9, 2013

While buying new shoes for #4 Sprog @Walmart

A.K.A. The Meganator.  She has worn her athletic shoes to the inner sole, so we stopped at Walmart to get her a new pair of shoes.

 As always I stop in the sporting goods department where I find they have been stocked up on .45 ACP.  They had 8 boxes and a two box limit so I grabbed myself 2 boxes.  Walmart is very good about not gouging on ammunition prices.  These 2 boxes of Winchester White Box .45 ACP only cost me $1.27 more per box than the last time I purchased it from Walmart.  And even though their out of stock of .22 LR and other ammo, they haven't changed their SKU's.  So when they do get it in, it should still be just about the price it was before this great ammo buy up started.

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