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Friday, December 4, 2015

Fox News and Gregg Jarrett has screwed up

Gregg Jarret of Fox News said on National TV that a "Bullet Button" turns an AR-15 into a FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPON.

Magic buttons now available for your AR's! Turn that boring legal semi auto plinker into an "assault weapon" at the push of a button! It's just that easy! LolDisclosure: The Gun Vault does not advocate modifying your weapon as to break any federal or local laws. This was an attempt at humor and to highlight the ignorance of the media surrounding our industry. I'm John Maynard and I approve this message 󾌡
Posted by The Gun Vault Utah on Friday, December 4, 2015

I have been harassing Fox New, Gregg Jarrett and Jon Scott on Twitter for the last 20 minutes or so to try to make them make an On-Air Correction.

And over a dozen more tweets. As of 11:119 am they STILL haven't corrected it on air.


Steve Russell said...

I sent them an email almost immediately after that idiot Jarrett pretended to be a gun expert and when challenged by Jenna, corrected her again with patently false information. Jarrett is a drunk and pill head and has probably never fired a weapon in his life! All these news types never take the time to inform themselves about guns, even O'Reilly does it. He constantly says that no one should own "high powered" weapons! Even the .22 I squirrel hunt with is "high powered" so by O'Reilly's definition he is a gun grabber like Hillary and Obama. A cheap .22 revolver almost killed Reagan. None of these morons understand the difference between a semi-auto and an automatic and how difficult and expensive it is to own a automatic weapon. You can only own an automatic weapon made before 1986 as described as a class 3 weapon and only after a federal rectal exam and tens of thousand of dollars as the supply is small and thus the huge price and most are wearing out. You can't buy a new one, only law enforcement and military can.

As an avid hunter, fisherman and gun enthusiast I just hate the damage these I knowledgeable, ignorant east and west coast city elitist do to our sport through misinformation. I coyote hunt with a 22-250 that I can hit a pop can with at 500 yards but put a adjustable stock on it, a muzzle flash and maybe a pistol grip and now it has a cosmetic look of the evil " assault rifle" every liberal shutters with fear of!

Mark/GreyLocke said...

They want to be "Fair and Balanced", well then they need to own up to the mistakes their on air personalities make. After I started my Twitter tirade they had a former FBI director on and he said that having a forward grip and an optic made the rifle "More Deadly" his EXACT words.

Uhhh no, the ammunition makes it deadly, the person firing it makes it deadly, a foregrip or an optic are just shooting aids.

Unknown said...

Gregg Jarret is a typical Media Idiot that should be fired from Fox ,If you can not report the truth stay of the air.