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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Affordable Steel Plate Body Armor

You have probably seen a bunch of video of guy testing the steel plate body armor plates.  ENDO has a video from Richard Ryan and Demolition Ranch guys testing one recently that stopped everything but the AP 7.62X51 round, so the idea behind the steel plate armor is sound.

Wisco Dave decided it would be much cheaper for himself to make his own set if he got others to buy in to the idea with him.  And now he has started out with a higher grade of steel that the other guys are using.  It costs more but it is tougher and should hold up better.

I'm going to swipe the picture that Kenny has posted which I think Wisco Dave took to show you what I am talking about.

Those plates are cut from Mil-A-46100 NIJ III plate armor which is a little better that the AR500 the other guys are using.  It also costs more.  However Wisco Dave has figured it out.  For around 1 c note you get 1 front plate, 1 back plate and 2 side plates to mount in your own carrier after a little bit of angle grinder cleanup.  These plates are a little rough and need some final finishing, but for under a hundred shipped you are getting a really good deal.

Now I know from a couple of e-mails that certain people don't like Kenny who is posting this for Dave also, so I'm posting it here as well with Dave's permission.

"Pricing: I want to be open and honest about this so no one can feel that they weren’t dealt with on a reasonable basis.
Cost of material is ~$660 (prices can fluctuate but this is typical)
I pick it up at the suppliers warehouse and add $50 for diesel for my truck. Yes, they do deliver but my farm doesn’t have a loading dock and I’m not home during the day to receive it. I send a copy of the invoice with each set so you know what the cost was.
My friend, also a farmer (he’s full time), cuts it and I pay him $10 per set.
After getting bitched at enough by several bloggers about “putting something in your pocket” I’ve decided to add $10 per set to spend on my own MOLLE gear, etc.
I sell 11 sets out of the 4×8 sheet. This prices out as follows: 660+50+110+110=930. 930/11= $84.54/set. USPS “If it fits, it ships” postage is $12.35 for 1-2 sets. I tried 3 but the boxes won’t hold up. Pick up or delivery might be available if you are near to where I live or work"

Now you will still need to get your own carrier for these plates and they will need some clean up, but the AR500 plates are going for 60 dollars to 100 dollars plus shipping for ONE.  You are getting all four plates here.  Front, back and both side plates, for under 100 shipped.

Kenny said his carrier with the plates in weighs about 21 pounds, that's not too bad when you consider the protection you are getting for the cost, plus the carrier is distributing the weight over your whole torso if it's adjusted right.

So if you are interested in this deal which may be for a limited time as Dave probably doesn't want to waste what little free time he has from running his farm, Dave's e-mail is below.

Dave Dietz aka WiscoDave
Mention Patriot plate in subject line

To go read the posting over at Kenny's to get the whole deal spelled out hit the following link:

Patriot Plates


wirecutter said...

What? There's people out there that don't like me?
I'm hurt, man. Really hurt.

Thanks for posting this, body armor is never a bad thing.

GreyLocke said...

A couple people asked me to remove your link from the blogroll because of your "Adult" content. I told them that is not all of your blog and you have other useful information therefore your link stays.