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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some links

Computer Glitch Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday

Several people I talk to, say this was a "Dry Run" for when President Petulant doesn't get his way.

Tavis Smiley: 'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator' Under Obama

And yet he will still support President Petulant and the Democrat Party against ANY Conservative Republican.

Nancy Pelosi, Betty Ford join Women's Hall of Fame

And yet women's lives have gotten WORSE because of the policies espoused and forced int law by Nancy Pelosi

Obama Rejects Latest House GOP Offer

President Petulant has no intention of negotiating.  He wants it his way, and he doesn't care if it kills the economy.  He wants to crush his enemies and show everyone how much power resides in him, Emperor Petulant

Jay Carney Twice Ignored a Fox News Reporter—And This Is How It Ended

I'd love to see every reporter to just stand up and walk out.  Maybe then the Administration would realize just how much it is alienating ever citizen of this country.

Free Advice For The GOP: It's About ObamaCare Stupid UPDATE: Fighting Breaks Out Between House And Senate GOP

Actually that is very good advice Drew offers.  I think the GOP should do it. IF they can quit squabbling amongst themselves like spoiled brats.

SYRIA: Obama-backed jihadist rebels doing what they do best – beheading (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)

This is who McCain and President Petulant are supporting.

‘PACT OF UMAR’ – Religious genocide Mohammedan style

And why isn't this being discussed on all the news shows?

A great Forbes article: privatize our parks

Yup, Privatize them and fire all those Rangers who acted like tin pot despots.


Funny how that happens, isn't it?

Feminism makes women into sex objects

How much longer will it take women to realize that many men are forgoing marriage and relationships because it's easier to just avoid the whole problem?  Men don't want a subservient slave.  At least I don't.  Most men, myself included, want a partner.  Someone to share in all parts of a marriage.  An equal.  Feminists are saying that all women are superior to men and men should worship at a woman's feet.  Uhhh, sorry.  I pay my bills on my own, I raise my kids mostly on my own, (My family and my ex do help, but for the most part it's me)  I don't really need some woman who doesn't want to contribute anything except sex and then only on her schedule.  I'm sorry but if I have to schedule my intimacy with my partner, I can either find a professional or take care of it myself.

Bat or Gun?

Like Thirdpower says, the anti's would prefer you beaten to death instead of defending yourself effectively.

If you know someone who is afraid of firearms show them this video.

And point anti-gunners to this video as well.

Craig Ferguson has it all figured out


How to rationally discuss the ‘shutdown’ and budget

Right now people are screaming "Bad Republican no campaign contribution for you" When it should be "Bad Democrat, no campaign contribution or Votes for you!!".

Sick of the Washington crap…..

If only all the Voter form had that option.

Moody's calls "Bulls**t"

And the Lame stream media says? chirp chirp chirp of crickets is all I hear.

No Good Options for Obama

I'd say he's made his bed, now he can sleep in it.

Chutzpah: Obama Accuses GOP of ‘Manufacturing Crises’

Here I would say he's got some stones, but we all know it's Valerie Jarrett.

To serve….. and shoot your dog.

Seriously? I think all law enforcement agents need to be held criminally and civilly liable for their actions. Get rid of their immunity. Make it so they can no longer screwup up and kill or pets people without any consequences. Remember Jose Guarena? r the two ladies shot by trigger happy thugs during the search for Dorner?

Anti-gunner tolerance on display!

Someone needs to learn about Civility and it ISN'T Erik.

Mostly all done

Rachel's life is ALMOST normal now.


If you ever meet Piers Morgan, point this out to him.


This is how a business commits suicide.

And I might put up some stuff later.  I"m going to bed.

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