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Friday, June 21, 2013

Customs and Border PAtrol searching private planes without warrant

sometimes hundreds of miles from any border, and the private aircraft never even approached any border.

The CBP Agents have been removing FAA Required Data Plates from some aircraft, and their searches may be making the aircraft "Unflyable" through possible damage to the avionics by untrained uncertified inspectors.

"other pilots have been stopped and detained more than once by CBP agents operating well inland of the borders, targeting for invasive searches aircraft that never came close to crossing a border. AOPA is aware of some searches that could have compromised airworthiness, with uncertified personnel removing inspection plates, for example, not to mention the possible compromise of the pilot’s ability to safely fly given the stress induced by the demands made by armed federal agents"

Is there going to have to be a crash with the resulting possible death of the occupants of the plane and persons on the ground to stop this?

Or is this the start of a .GOV directive to force private pilots to restrict their flying, so as to further enforce unlegislated restrictions on the freedom of travel?

Since private pilots don't have to go through any security check points, aren't required to tell government agencies where they are going as they can change a flightplan while in the air if they even file one.  Is this the governments response to the freedom of people who can pick and choose when and where they want to go without having to deal with the intrusive searches and pawing of the TSA?

The CBP says it will be 6 months or more before they will answer the AOPA's FOIA request, if it all.

Do you feel safer now because of this?

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