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Monday, June 10, 2013

Some lnks as I'm scrolling my posts off on another page

UNC Speech Code Goes Down in Flames

New report says homeschooling is surpassing public school enrollment

UCLA Economist on America’s recovery “It’s not even normal growth. It’s bad.”

Australian University Censors Speech Deemed Offensive to Islam

NSA surveillance programs: Latest news

Snooping Concerns Emerge Over Congressional Blackberries Serviced By Verizon.

What If China Hacks the NSA’s Massive Data Trove?

NSA Memo Pushed To “Rethink” Fourth Amendment.

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: I mistakenly believed in Obama’s promises

"When I was in law school, the US armed forces were banned from the on-campus interview process because of what the law school establishment viewed as their lack of respect for human rights. It cannot be gainsaid that no organization serves as a greater threat to the human rights of those living in the United States than the U.S. Department of Justice, which has run roughshod over civil liberties and continues to push the envelope in redefining acceptable law enforcement conduct. I can’t really understand how any law student would want to join in these efforts — even when more respectable legal work is so hard to come by — but the legal academy can demonstrate where they stand in this battle by refusing to aid and abet the DOJ through the use of their on-campus interview programs. Let’s add the IRS to the banned list to while we are at it."

Federal Reserve study: Tax hikes, not spending cuts, are slowing the recovery

The All-Seeing State: The inevitable corruption of the permanent bureaucracy

Greenwald to MSNBC Clowns: “The White House talking points that you’re using are completely misleading and false”

Former Energy Secretary Chu on Solyndra and Green Energy Fiascos: ‘We were more successful than Wall Street’

Elijah Cummings Alleges “Conservative Republican” at IRS Claims White House Not Involved in Tea Party Targeting

Former NSA Employee Leaked Surveillance Details Prior to Snowden

It's Not Just Massachusetts...

Supreme Court watch: Harris v. Quinn; families battle SEIU over thuggish home invasion tactics

Top House Dem on IRS scandal: Case is solved, time to wrap it up and move on

Bloggers being regulated…

Is THIS the next requirement???

Thought Experiment

Printing A Gun: An Average Guy’s Experience

Interview With Polymer80

Perusing Drudge this morning...

Rep. McCaul: “Can You Trust This Administration With Your Phone Records?” (Video)

Maxine Waters: “Obama Has Put In Place” Secret Database With “Everything On Everyone” (Video)

Afghanistan Parliament Blocks Law That Would Ban Selling Women – It’s Un-Islamic (Video)

Security Expert: PRISM Did Not Foil 2009 Subway Plot – The British Did (Video)

Pelosi Then and Now: “I Don’t Remember Saying Premiums Would Drop For Everyone” (Video)

Confirmed: Tax Hikes, Not Spending Cuts, Are Slowing the Economy

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Movement

Bordering on Tyranny, Piers?

CBS News Obtains Documents Showing Obama State Department Engaged In “Endemic” Coverups Ranging From Sexual Assaults To Drug Rings…

Report: Air Force Orders Airmen Not To Read Obama-Scandal News…

IRS Replaces Fifth Washington-Based Official Tied To Conservative Targeting Scandal…

Afghan Taliban Behead Two Boys For “Spying”…

British Muslim Convert Arrested, Being Extradited To America For Helping Al-Qaeda In Yemen Create “Inspire” Magazine…

Reporter: Intelligence Officials “Joke” About Making NSA Leaker Edward Snowden “Disappear”…

Patriot Act Author Republican Rep. Sensenbrenner: Abuse Of Patriot Act Must End, It Was Never Intended For Spying On Americans That Obama Admin Is Doing

Good thing the President is a constitutional scholar

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