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Monday, June 10, 2013

US ASW - I wonder what Old NFO would have to say

about this.

"A greater concern, perhaps, is not what Russia is doing — it’s what the U.S. is not doing very well. In the unlikely event of a major war, the Navy would be forced to call up its reserve of anti-submarine watch officers, who operate from land bases and direct P-3 patrol planes and friendly submarines, while also steering carrier battle groups away from enemy subs."

There was at least one and possibly two Russion Akulas in the Gulf of Mexico, not too long ago, plus one off the East coast "That We KNOW Of"  What else have the Russians or someone else been slipping into the area?  With the Narco Subs in the Gulf and off the West Coast plus these new Subs of the Russians, I think we need to start finding out just how much of our ASW infrastructure is still viable.

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