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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Political Correctness being imposed on our troops

"June 5, 2013: More and more American military personnel are wondering why all the fun things in life are, especially for them, illegal, immoral, or fattening? Since the 1990s politicians have been determined to impose virtuous and politically correct habits on all the troops."

Of COURSE the politicians are imposing their Nanny State ethics on the military.  The Military doesn't have the same Rights as a civilian due to the UCMJ.  The Nanny Staters in the .GOV can make behavior types illegal under the UCMJ and the .MIL goes right along with it.  And the troops suffer for it.

What many people don't seem to understand is, that this is THE PLAN.  If the NSers can enforce their idea of Political Correctness on the troops, they hope to change the thought patterns of the troops, so that when they get out of the .MIL the thought patterns and acceptance of such BS Political Correctness will become the norm.

Did you understand that?

They are performing a MIND CONTROL/BRAINWASHING experiment on our troops.

George Carlin said it best "If you can control the speech, you can control thought"

And the Progressives in DC and their minions in the Defense Department are doing it RIGHT NOW.

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