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Monday, December 31, 2012

Kicking myself

Over the last couple of years I"ve had many opportunities to purchase the parts to put together an AR-15 rifle of my own.

Now I am kicking myself for not doing it.

However in my defense, I am on an extremely limited budget and have 7 kids.  There always seemed to be something the kids needed which cut into my firearm acquisition budget.

Like right now.  I need a new window for my truck, however my daughter Megan just Lettered in school and wants her letterman jacket.  She like her older sister Lettered as a Freshman, and is quite proud of that fact.

However her letterman jacket cost more than the window for my truck.

Her jacket will be here in a few weeks.  And I STILL don't have a window in my truck.

How does this relate to me getting an AR-15 rifle?

A few months ago I had gone through and priced out everything to put together my own AR-15.  Even though I don't really like the the 5.56X45 round of the AR-15, I DID like the fact that I could put a dedicated .22LR upper on it and use it to teach my kids and to shoot for fun inexpensively.

The fact that there are multi-caliber lower receivers available pushed me more towards trying to get one.

Which leads us to now.

You can't find ANY parts, receivers, magazines or anything.  Everyone is sold out and backordered.

So here is a request.

If you have a business and would like an honest review of your firearm product, I would be willing to give you that honest review.  All I ask is that I be allowed to purchase the test article for a reasonable price afterward.

Some may say "How can you give an honest review if you're getting a price break?" 

The answer..  I will test anything sent to me and even if I am getting a reduced price, I will not shuck and jive anyone.  If a firearm isn't worth it, I won't be buying it even at a reduced price.  I'll send it right back to the company. 

So if you would like your product reviewed and would be willing to work with me.  I'll review anything you have.

Send me an E-mail at 

Oh and over there on the right are links to two of my friends businesses, Outdoor Specialties and Tactical Machining.  They have been posted over there for several years, and I KNOW they provide good stuff.  However both are so back ordered I was told it could be 4 to 5 months before they could catch up to orders.

Tactical Machining by the way specializes in AR-15 parts.  They in fact make quite a few for other companies in addition to their own brand.  Odds are if you got a stripped AR-15 Lower or Upper Receiver in the last 2 years, they made it for whoever you bought it from.  If you recently bought an AR-10 Lower, it probably came from Tactical Machining. 

If you bought a tricked out upper for your AR, it might have come from Outdoor Specialties after being tricked out.

Both of them are top of the line suppliers.  But they are almost drowning in orders.

And my dream rifle would be a flatop 20" 1 in 7 twist with flip up BUIS, with a matching dedicated .22 LR upper.  Nothing really fancy, no collapsing or folding stocks or doo dads hanging off. just a plain rifle basically.

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