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Friday, December 28, 2012

Preparedness is a state of mind

Daisy Luthor who blogs as the Organic Prepper,isn't for everyone. I've read some people decry her writings as alarmist and over the top.  especially her writing about modern GMO foods.  I personally just read the information and then look for my own information.  She doesn't ask you to take what she writes for gospel, she does ask you to at least keep an open mind and do your own research.  What is one of the biggest things I always harp on about "DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH"  Don't rely on what I or anyone else writes, and DON'T only look at information which supports your own perspective.

However Daisy has a post up about the mindset of the vast majority of Preppers/Survivalists, that the various media organizations either ignore or willfully distort.  The mindset that a Prepper, identifies the various scenarios they might realistically  need to prepare for, and then prepare for what they can.

And with that this brief excerpt that by clicking on it will take you to Daisy's post.

"Preparedness.  It’s a state of mind.

When you are a prepper, you begin to think differently than the other folks on the block.  Not only do you take steps to become physically prepared, with food, medical supplies and tools – but you are mentally prepared.  You develop a problem-solving mindset.

Part of the reason for that is that preparedness is predicting problems before they occur.  Let’s take a snowstorm for example, because where I live, this is a very common occurrence.  We’re used to it, nobody panics about it and we have come to expect it."

Click the above to read the rest of "Be the hero, not the victim"

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