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Monday, December 31, 2012

Safe web browsing....

Ok in the last few days 3 of the website I check out several times a week are blocked by the Google/Firefox script that tells me the site has been reported as an "Attack Page"

What this means is, that those site run external ads, which have their own code.  And somebody injected bad code into an ad running on those sites.

The site in question:

The Internet Movie Firearm Database



The Ulsterman

That doesn't mean those sites are actually hosting malware on their sites.  It means the Ads that they run to generate site revenue have been running outside ads that are trying to do what is called a Driveby Download.  That is where you go to a page don't click on anything but as the ads load they are installing maicious software on your computer through the browser.

You'll notice I didn't make the above links clickable.  I don't want you to get hit by the malware that is currently going through there.

Actually the IMFDB has gotten their issue resolved, it's just IZISmiles and The Ulsterman right now who are giving me issues. 

So if you are going to your favorite website and you suddenly get the warning about an Attack site.  Heed it.

I've had to clean up computers that people disregarded the warnings, and it is NOT fun.

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