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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KTD Project - Premade USB Thumbdrives

Scott over at The Fat Guy Blog has started to put together ready made KTD Project Thumbdrives.  The cost is $30.00, $35.00* which includes the 32 GB USB Thumbdrive.  He is currently using the Sansdisk drives which are running about $19.99 before shipping, so he is only getting $10.00 $15.00** for the amount of work he is putting in making the drives.  And it is a lot of work.  He had to download all of the Torrents and other files, extract them, then first install the Knoppix Operating system on the drive, and then copy all of the files to the drive.  I know it takes me about 4 to 5 hours just to get a drive ready from a blank drive to a finished one, depending on which manufacturers drive I'm using.  So it takes some time to do this.  So getting $10.00 for all this work is actually cheap, plus you drive will be brand new.  Scott is ordering them off of Amazon, not buying them in a store.

If you want to order one for yourself the links below will take you to his main page and his ordering page.

Main page:  Knoppix Thumb Drive (KTD Project)

KTD Project Ordering page:  KTD Contact / Ordering Form

*Price change

** After shipping and Paypal's cut Scott was barely clearing $4.00 on each drive for what is a lot of work, so he increased the price by $5.00 to cover Paypal's fees and to help cover more of his investment of time and money.  Considering it takes at least 2 hours just to write the files to a USB Thumbdrive, I don't blame him for raising the price and fully concur with his doing so.  So please don't think he is trying to gouge you in any way.  He has done a lot of work on this and is still working on an easier way of accessing the extra files I put together

So if you want to get a KTD Project drive for yourself, click on those links or if you don't want to spend the money and want to do it yourself click on the below link to go to my instruction page:

Knoppix Thumb Drive Links and instructions

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Old NFO said...

Thanks! I'll go order.