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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Niagara Falls Without The Water- From the inbox

It's taken 41 years, but a previously unseen set of photos of the mighty  Niagara Falls reduced
to nothing more than a barren cliff-top have finally surfaced. The stark images reveal  North 
America 's iconic - and most powerful - waterfall to be almost as dry as a desert. In June 1969,
U.S. engineers diverted the flow of the  Niagara River away from the American side of the falls 
for several months.
Stark: A completely dry  Niagara Falls has never been seen before or since the six months in 
July 1969 when  U.S. engineers set about restructuring the American side of the twin landmark
Mountain of rubble: This set of photos only recently came to light when Russ Glasson found 
them in a shoebox in his in-laws'  Connecticut garage 
Their plan was to remove the large amount of loose rock from the base of the waterfall, an 
idea which they eventually abandoned due to expense in November of that year. During the 
interim, they studied the riverbed and mechanically bolted and strengthened a number of faults
 to delay the gradual erosion of the  American Falls . The team, made up of U.S. Army Corp
 of Engineers, blew up their temporary dam in November 1969 and six million cubic feet of 
water once again thundered over the falls' sides every minute. Now, after lying unseen for
 more than four decades, a set of images showing the eerie calm at the American Falls that
 year have been unearthed by a man from Connecticut.
Plan: The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers studied the riverbed and mechanically bolted and 
strengthened a number of faults to delay the gradual erosion of the  American Falls
Historical moment: In order to stop the Niagara River running over the  American Falls 
engineers constructed a dam consisting of 27,800 tons of rock, stopping the water for the first time in 12,000 years 
Russ Glasson recently stumbled across the pictures, which were taken by his in-laws, and had 
been left in an old shoebox in their garage for over four decades. Mr. Glasson said: 'My in-laws 
took these pictures during the six months through June to November that the Army was working 
to improve the health of the  American Falls .' Two rockslides from the plate of the falls in 1931 
and 1954 had caused a large amount of rock to be collected at the base. In 1965, reporters at 
local newspaper Niagara Falls Gazette revealed that the America Falls would eventually cease 
to flow and stop altogether if the rocks were not removed. Four years later, the U.S. Army Corp 
of Engineers were charged with de-watering the falls to clean the river bed and to remove any 
loose rock at the bottom of the falls.
Gradual deterioration: Two rockslides from the plate of the falls in 1931 and 1954 had caused 
a large amount of rock to be collected at the base
Eerie calm: The temporary dam can be seen in the top-right of this photograph 
Thunderous: The American Falls as they normally appear, with millions of gallons of water 
hurtling over the edge every minute 
To achieve this the army had to build a 600 ft dam across the Niagara River, which meant that 
60,000 gallons of water that flowed ever second was diverted over the larger  Horseshoe Falls 
 which flow entirely on the Canadian side of the border. The dam itself consisted of 27,800 tons 
of rock, and on June 12, 1969, after flowing continuously for over 12,000 years, the  American Falls stopped. Over the course of the next six months thousands of visitors flocked to the falls to
 witness the historic occasion. Once the engineers had removed the collected rocks from the falls 
base and made geological testing to make safe the rest, the falls were re-watered on November 
25 in front of 2,650 onlookers.
Tourist hotspot: The Maid Of The Mist cruise boat journeys near to the  Canadian 
Falls . The American Falls can be seen in the distance on the left


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