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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FOIA Requests and Denials

Instapundit posted a link about how FOIA Requests are ignored by many government officials.  He also wrote that people should be able to sue for damages.  I agree, more after the excerpt.

"More than two-thirds of nearly 100 federal departments and agencies surveyed by a non-profit advocacy group have not updated their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regulations and processes to comply with either a 2009 presidential promise or a 2007 law.

Sixty-two of 99 federal organizations have yet to comply a March 19, 2009, Justice Department memo issued following President Obama's promise shortly after being sworn into office to conduct the open and transparent administration, according to the National Security Archive (NSA) that conducted the annual government-wide study."

People SHOULD be able to sue for monetary damages.  Also the individual responsible for the denial should be the person on the hook for those damages as well as the attorney and court fees for both the petitioner and the government.  If that were allowed, FOIA requests would be followed through on much more quickly and expeditiously as possible. Without the penny ante ego power trips of said government officials.

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