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Monday, December 10, 2012

Green energy is meeting the Law

of Diminishing Returns.  Green Energy's advocates such as President Obama, would like us to use less fossil fuels, and to use such things as algae, switch grass and alcohol to fuel our economy.  They don't want oil, coal or nuclear to be as prevalent as they are.  They are "Saving the environment".  No they're not.  They don't care about the environment, they care about themselves and their own personal political power.

As Professor Glenn Reynolds has said many times, I will take global warming/climate change serious when they do.  As they flit about in their personal jet aircraft that produce multiple times more carbon emissions than a modern commercial aircraft and moves many more people as well for less cost in fuel and money.  They live in houses that consume as much electricity as a small town.  I could continue citing at least a dozen other examples of the hypocrisy of the climate change cultists.

Yes, I said cultists.  These are the people who drank the Flavoraid ala Jim Jones and Jonestown.  If you are willing to dig deep enough you can find out information about these groups that will frighten you.  I doubt very much the lower order members of the groups really know what the main ideals of their parent organizations actually are.  But the lower order members are just that to the higher order members.  Low.

While many of the people on the street are very passionate about their beliefs, they are only being fed the regurgitated pap by the higher order persons.  If these lower order persons actually believed what they were being sold, this world would be back in the hunter-gatherer age with a population of less than 100 million people on the whole planet.  Don't believe me?  Do your own research.  And I mean ACTUALLY do your own research.  Don't take anyone elses word for it, go and do it yourself.  And don't stop after 2 or 3 hours, I've spent several weeks checking into things, and yes they do frighten me.

Planned Parenthood has some truly frightening ideas if you bother to really check them out.  Go and check the papers written by the various members of the board for the original organization, learn about such things as eugenics, and trace all the various links.  Take your time and do it right.

And that is just one organization that you need to research.  There are at my last check over 126 main organizations and almost a thousand subsidiary and associated groups.

I'm not being a conspiracy theorist or nut, I just look at all the connections.  And while many of those connections could be simple, many of them are a little bit to coincidental to be coincidence.  Don't believe me?  Do your own research.  Want to disprove what I say?  Do your own research.  That is all that I'm asking.  Do your own research, and find out the facts for yourself.  And when you do, do you research be careful you don't get led down paths that are so outrageous and outlandish as to be unbelievable.  There are many of those paths, and they look inviting especially if the perpetrate your own prejudices.  So be careful, don't dismiss something out of hand simply because it doesn't fit your narrative, look at everything.

You by now are probably saying "What does this have to do with Green Energy?"

Simple, with the various failures of all those green energy companies despite the massive amounts of cash infused by the government, Green energy has reached it current end.  Until there is a breakthrough in technology we are stuck.  I wouldn't have minded any of those dollars that went to those green energy companies if it had been spent on research and development instead of fattening the bottom line of Obama donors.  There are several universities and private companies that are working on breakthrough technologies already, however they cannot get the funding to continue their research.  Why?  Because Obama's Administration has favors to pay back, and they really aren't concerned about this research.  Small research companies and universities don't really have a lot of money to give to election campaigns.

There are 3 research teams that I know of that are working on making a printable solar cell.  How would you like to be able to go to a printers shop and order solar panels by the yard, for less than .50 cents a watt?  there are teams trying to bring that to you.  But they didn't get a dime from the Obama Administration.

Three is a team that is working out how to get oil and gasoline from coal.  Big deal you say they are already doing that, true, but getting it from coal in a production plant the size of a small gas station?  They are trying to downsize the machinery and reduce the harmful emissions.  Someday your local gas station might get truckloads of coal instead of tankers of gas and diesel, and then refine what the pumps need right there.Another research team, that cannot get money from the Obama Administration.

What about wind power? I have in my shed the parts to build 4, 450 watt wind generators.  But I haven't.  Why?  Because the charge controllers are still too expensive for me to purchase.  There USED to be a rebate that the government gave you so you could get a charge controller for less than 50 dollars.  USED to be, it disappeared during the Clinton Administration.  And even before then there was a very specific set of circumstances that you had to comply with to get the rebate.  I personally don't want to grid tie my system which was one of the requirements for the rebate.  Don't believe me?  Once again, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Don't take my word for it, go out and follow up on this yourself.  The same with battery technology.  the best system for me to use considering that i have a mix of solar and would be adding wind would be Nickel Iron batteries.  Right now the only manufacturer of those batteries that I know of is in China.  and the cost plus shipping puts them out of my reach.  So I have to use golf cart batteries which cost me over 100 dollars each and I need a minimum of 4 of them, I would prefer to have 6, but I don't have the the solar generation to keep them fully charged as of yet, and I only have 1200 watts of inverter right now, I can't afford the real good inverter I want.

So you see Green Energy has reached the point of diminishing returns.  It requires heavy government investment and subsidizing for it to be even remotely competitive at the moment.

And Obama shot his wad when he held green energy hostage to pay back his donors.

I seriously doubt that tax payers will want the money to go for real research and development after Obama's many scandals of investment.

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