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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sears evidently feels it doesn't have to actually fix

things when they are sent in for a warranty repair.

Almost 2 months ago I sent a 31CC 2 cycle line trimmer to Sear for a warranty repair.  I had only purchased the trimmer a few months ago, and ever since I purchased it I had issues with it running.  I constantly had to be partially choked to run and I was constantly having to restart it.  The pull starting cord finally broke off so I took it back to Sears for repair.  2 weeks later they called me and told me it would be $84.00 to fix.  WHAT?!  It is a WARRANTY REPAIR!.  It wasn't even 6 months old and they were trying to charge me almost what I paid for it to repair it while it was under warranty.

I asked to speak to a Supervisor and the young man I was speaking to to his credit got it worked out so there would be no charge.  However 3 more weeks passed with several phone calls from me asking where my trimmer was, I picked it up yesterday.

I just finished spending the last 2 hours trying to get the trimmer to just run.  It will run, just barely when fully choked, and that is it.  It will not run at all, as soon as you start to open the choke it dies.  I dumped out the gas, ran a little bit of B-12 Chemtool through it to clean it out thinking maybe it might be a problem with build up in the carb.  Using fresh gas/oil mix it still will not stay running.

When I sent the trimmer off for repair I specifically told them that it would not run properly and needed to be adjusted.  Evidently all they did was to repair the pull start and that was it.

This is not the first issue I have had with Sears repair.  I and my mother have Sears Lawn tractors that have been giving us fits.  My mother's especially as the extended warranty she had purchased ran out and not even 3 weeks later the battery died, and it started having a whole host of other problems.

If this is the service and reliability level Sears has fallen to, I think I will find somewhere else to purchase my lawn equipment and appliances..

And don't get me started on my clothes washer, Sears only saving grace there is I bought it used and not from them.

So in short, Sears your warranty repair services SUCK!

This will go back to Sears in the morning, and I will be trying to find a used line trimmer that will fit all the various attachments I bought for my Sears trimmer, such as the tiller, pole saw, heavy brush head etc.

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