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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff - Put Up Or Shut UP!

I've written my two Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn, and my Representative Blake Farenthold, and I either sent them a link to my post I wrote earlier or I sent them a message.

Just in case they didn't bother to read them, which knowing politicians they probably didn't, here is a message for them.

President Obama will not negotiate in any way, shape or form in good faith.  He wants to destroy our nation as it is supposed to be and to destroy the Republican party in it's entirety.

Quit playing his game.  Go on the news with a special message.  The message being as follows.

Since President Obama isn't going to actually negotiate and compromise, we are done.  We will have no more meetings, no more votes.  If President Obama wants to submit his proposals we will vote on them.  We are done trying to work with an arrogant, obstinate and petulant child such as he.

If he is serious about avoiding the fiscal cliff, he can send a legitimate bill to us to be voted on.

We however will spend no more time attempting to work with someone who through his actions has shown he has nothing but contempt for us and our constituents.

The ball is in his court.

If he is serious he will submit a serious bill for our consideration.

Otherwise we are done.  And anything that happens is on his head, not ours.


Republicans in congress.

That puts everything on the President.  He can either submit a real bill or he can continue to posture, while his media excoriates the Republican party.

So the Republicans need to step up make their statement and then SHUT UP!

They don't talk to ANY Reporter, Pundit or ANYONE else.

Make the statement and shut the heck up.

The media will be screaming for their soundbites, statement ANYTHING.  Don't do it.  The media in all it's shapes are Verboten.  No Republicans speaks to ANY media until after January 20, 2013  And that goes to all of the Republican Talking heads such as Allen West, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin all of them.

NO ONE talks to the media about ANYTHING!

Not even if they ask how your kids are doing or how is the weather.


The media is not your friend, not even Fox, not even the Wall Street Journal.  In Fact the MEDIA is YOUR ENEMY!  Start treating them that way and quit TALKING TO THEM!

Get over your own Narcissism and "I Love Me" attitude and SHUT UP.

State the message then SHUT UP!

No morning shows, no call in shows, no interviews NOTHING!  The Media is the Vampire and you are dinner.  So stay away from them and SHUT UP!

Quit showing to the world you ARE as dumb as they think.  SHUT UP!

Tell your message, which is Obama has to put up or shut up and then SHUT UP YOURSELVES!

Is that too hard for you to understand? 

Quit worrying about Poll Results do the dang job and SHUT UP!


Old NFO said...

Concur... sigh.

GreyLocke said...

I didn't approve the 2 filth ridden comments about how the Republicans are a disease ad nauseum. they got marked as spam and deleted.

I'm probably going to get some people flagging my blog soon. So if it happens to disappear, you know what happened.