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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Listening to Sirius XM Radio

Classic Vinyl, and they are playing some good tunes.  Just heard who will stop the rain by CCR and now Foghat's I just want to make love to you came on.

Meanwhile, I'm going through my back up drives.

You know the ones I told you about earlier that I have the CD3WD files on.  I have 3 Toshiba External back up drives and  I have the CD3WD files and assorted other preparedness files on each of them.  These drives just plug into the USB port of my computers and I can access the files as I need them.  It makes it easier to transfer files as well.  A friend of mine wanted the files and it was nothing for me to grab one of the drives and drive over and copy the files on to his computer.

Plus as you know by now I have the files on multiple USB Thumbdrives as well.  You know the KTD Project drives.  I have 8 thumber drives now set up with the CD3WD files and the extra files I setup.

Now Led Zepplin Immigrant Song is on.

I've got my 80 GB Toshiba drive on my netbook now.  I'm doing a drive scan to ensure the integrity of the information.  Over time without use you can lose data on external drives.  They need to be spun up and checked every other month or so to ensure that all of the magnetic particles on the discs of the drive are refreshed.  Otherwise some of the particles will lose their magnetic charge and you will lose information.

Hey!!  Bob Seger Ramblin Gamblin Man...

I'll do my 1 TB drive last as it is the newest one and it also has my large collection of books I've downloaded from and, if you are ever in a survival situation you need to keep your mind occupied when you aren't working your butt off just to stay alive.  So get yourself a bunch of books to read and back them up as well.  I also have all of the Baen CD's with hundred of novels by many Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, those are available at bother the Baen Free Library and the Fifth Imperium.  In some of the newer hardbound releases from Baen they will include a CD in the book which is full of books by their stable of authors.  These are free for you to read and share.  Although I do have most of those books on my bookshelf I also have them on my computer so I can transfer them to my tablet or netbook to read while traveling.

Rod Stewart Mandolin Wind now, they are really playing some good stuff tonight.  I hope they don't get melancholy like they did the other night I had to switch over to Lithium when they did that.

What I am trying to say here is you need not just plain basic information, which is what the KTD Project is about, you also need something to occupy yours and your familiy's minds when you are able to take a break if you are in a survival situation.Books and Music are just some of the things you need.  When was the last time you backed up your music library?  I'm actually doing that tonight when I'm done spinning up and checking all these backup drives.  Or should I say this morning.  Having something to occupy your mind when you are having downtime could help save your life.  How you ask?

Oh yeah, Hey Joe by Jimi!!

Think about it, you're in a true survival situation such as what has happened in New York and New Jersey, all day you are trying to clean up, trying to rebuild, trying to get help.  Downtime comes.  If all you are doing is sitting there, nothing to occupy your mind, depression sets in.  When you get more and more depressed, do you really think you will want to face the next day of getting up and trying to rebuild, clean up and trying to get help, food, water etc?  Do you?  Hence books and music, if you have kids having some kids movies backed up to a backup drive can save your sanity.  If it helps your kids forget for a little bit about what is going on around them, your own mind can be put at ease, and it can make the next ay a little easier to bear.

Ringo Starr You know it don't come easy, great song, although Ringo can be a bit of a weirdo.

The biggest killer after whatever disaster isn't the cleanup and rebuilding.  It's DEPRESSION and PTSD.  Those two things if you don't occupy your mind can kill.  Not just you, but what about the members of your family?  You might be dealing with it, but can your spouse?  Your kids?  Or your pets?  Yes I said pets.  Your pets pick up on your feelings as well,  when you get depressed and stay depressed they get depressed to.

Some ZZ Top now...

So think about it.  Is all of your stuff backed up "In The Cloud"?  Or do you have physical hard back up copies you can lay your hand on right now, secured to protect them?  When I'm done with all these drives they go into a Water Proof/Fireproof safe, so if I need them I can get them.

What is your backup plan?  What is your backup, backup plan?

Do you even have one?

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