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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Speech for them, but not for us

Figures. 7th Year Human Rights Major and Gay Activist Rips Down Campus Free Speech Wall …It Was Offensive

Why is it, that the First Amendment which specifically PROTECTS speech that may be offensive, causes someone who is SUPPOSEDLY learned in the RIGHTS of EVERY HUMAN, tries to impose their own belief on others. That is the problem with Institutions of HIGHER Learning, they IMPOSE a WARPED Belief Structure on students, who then forever after have to function in the REAL world.  and as the above mentioned "Human Rights Major" has shown, THEY CAN'T.

They Cannot operate in the real world, so they try to impose their beliefs through tearing down "Free Speech" walls, showing disdain, and contempt for those so "uncouth" and "unenlightened" as they are.

Brainwashed Flavor-Aid drinkers of the worst kind.  Jim Jones would have loved them.

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