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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Misconceptions about quiet people - From Cracked

6 Misleading Assumptions You make About Quiet People

#3 actually applies to me, coupled with certain situations I can have anxiety attacks.  Especially around people whom I do not know.

Want to freak me the BLEEP out?  Put me in a social situation surrounded by unknown people where I have to interact with them for a long period of time.

I've actually gotten so sick from anxiety once that I was throwing up for hours.

And yes there are meds to treat my anxiety, I don't like how they make me feel, kind of fakey and artificial, plus I don't think they're that good for my blood pressure.

For the most part put me in a situation with 2 or 3 people I sorta know, I'm okay.  More than 5 people I don't know from Adam or Eve, forget it!  I'll be sitting in the corner our sitting outside under a tree.

What is really weird is when I was in Law Enforcement, or my other jobs in customer service related industries I didn't have a problem with it.  I actually felt, well the symbolism would be like a wall between me and my emotions.  And that wall was in between myself and the public and my anxieties. 

Did that make any sense?

It sorta does to me, but then again it sorta doesn't.

But just read the article above and realize, that not every quiet person can be pigeonholed in your perspectives.  Each person is different for differing reasons.

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