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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mis-information in the gun control debate

Gabby Giffords was in Congress today, saying that a Universal Background Check would have stopped Her Shooter.  When she KNOWS that is wrong.  Jared Loughner bought his pistol legally through a FFL who did a NICS background check on him at the time of the sale.  Loughner passed that background check because of the Thin Blue Line.  Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and his deputies KNEW that Loughner had made threats against people, they KNEW that his drug use was out of control.  And yet because his mother was part of that Thin Blue Line in the county's animal control division, they didn't report his actions to be included in the NICS system, they suppressed his continuing bizarre and worsening behavior from being "Officially" noticed.

And yet while she and others in power KNOW this, they won't acknowledge it.  Because it shows that the problem ISN'T firearms, it IS Mental Health and political privilege.

Many of these spree shooters have shown signs of mental illness before they went on their sprees.  And yet they were able to pass a NICS check.  Why?  Because their mental illness was NOT reported by health professionals as they are required to be by LAW.  James Holmes according to reports was trying to get help for his mental health issues before he went on his spree, but was unable to.  The system that is broke isn't the NICS system it is the Heath System and the local political systems which cover up problems to "Protect Their Own" which is the issue.

So the rest of us who have no mental health issues or criminal records who are being singled out as the cause of these shootings.

All to protect the politicians and the doctors and bureaucrats who have failed to do what the law requires them to do.

Lets make it more illegaler to do something, lets make a law telling our departments to do the job the law already tells them to do.  Lets make it a crime to commit a crime.

All diversions from their own responsibilities under the law.

And their rush to avoid the consequences for their actions and inactions they and their willing accomplices in the media are rushing to force through more restrictions which will not do anything to reduce these tragedies.  Only to assuage their own collective guilt and to further restrict the Rights of all Citizens.

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