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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NRA National Convention

Well I just contacted their PAO again.  The first time I spoke to a very nice young lady, who was a temp.  She took my information, but evidently between her taking my information and getting it into the computer something happened.  The young lady I just spoke to put me in the computer while I was on the phone with her.  I asked if a second credential could be setup so one of my kids could help me.  I really can't walk too far, and I might have to use my wheelchair.  It's kind of hard to carry several cameras, a laptop and try to get good footage and write down notes in a wheelchair.  So hopefully they will set it up so I can get the extra credentials.  The young lady also was kind enough to inform me of the NRA's ILA website and their news and press release section.  If you don't have it bookmarked yourself the link to it:  That page has all of the NRA's press releases and news postings.

My plans so far are to figure out my budget so I can afford a hotel room not too far away.  I live about 230 miles away, but just figuring things out it might be cheaper to drive up do the meeting then drive home and then drive back up the next day.  Since my daughter can drive the drive won't be too bad.  If I can swing it financially I'd like to get a room in the Hilton attached to the convention center.  It would be much easier to shoot any interviews I can wangle out of people sitting down at a table, hopefully with an outlet to plug in a couple of my clamp lights for proper lighting plus my netbook.

So if you are going to the NRA Annual Meeting, keep an eye out for the gray bearded guy with a cane or wheelchair.  I'll probably wear one of my kilts to be really memorable. 

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