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Saturday, January 26, 2013

KTD Project - UTD 1A Project

After an e-mail exchange with someone who I won't name at the moment unless he says it is alright, I am starting another KTD which won't actually be Knoppix but uses Ubuntu Linux so the new project will be UTD 1A Project.  Why 1A?

The First Amendment gives us the right to Free Speech.  Even speech that someone finds offensive.  You STILL have the right to say it.

Well this is my speech.

There is a Legislator, (I won't say whom) who wants to make the printing or making of your own firearms, weapons or parts, ILLEGAL.  That is not just restricting your 2nd Amendment Rights, but your 1st Amendment Rights as well.  This Legislator wants to make the dissemination of this "INFORMATION" restricted and or illegal.

So what I am going to try to do, is to create another drive.  This one will have all the necessary software to machine or print, your files, plus as many of the pertinent files as I can get together.

I will be making them available for ANYONE!!!!  Through uploading to one of my cloud accounts plus I will be seeding the files out as torrents as well.

So I am asking for your help.  If you know where these files are or have access to them, SEND THEM TO ME.

I am right now downloading the LinuxCNC files and I am going to try to figure out how to set them up on a USB Thumb Drive like the KTD Project.  That is going to be taking a LOT of my time.  So please I seriously need your help.

If you know where or have the controller software for a 3D printer that can be used on a home brew printer, I need it.  If you have the data files for printing or CNCing these parts, I need them.

Send them to me.

The UTD 1A Projects Main Page

Right now where I am standing is the sofatware, I'm looking for a Linux Cad program, the printer controller software which hopefully runs with LinuxCNC.  All the necessary files for the parts ie: receivers, magazines, fire control groups, sights, mounts, anything and everything.

Right now a full KTD Drive is just under 29GB and I've been using 32GB thumb drives.  Most computers will boot from a 32 GB USB Thumb Drive depending on the manufacturer, but so far only 2 of the ones I have tried will boot from a 64GB drive.  So the space hard limit we are looking for is under 25GB so we maintain a large enough permanence file on the drive for any necessary updates.

Hit my e-mail over there on the right if you can help.  there will be a new page created specifically for this project with all the necessary links to the files and any updates.

Pass the link for this post around please:

And please use the greylocke e-mail address over on the right

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Old NFO said...

I need to order the Koppix version...